‘Better Call Saul’ Planning Major Event After Series Finale

by Alex Falls

Better Call Saul is hurdling towards an epic series finale. Only two episodes remain until the show pulls the curtain over the Breaking Bad franchise one more time. Fans have eaten up every moment so far, and they can’t wait to see how things wrap up. After the final episode bows on Aug 15, fans will get the chance to own a piece of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul history for themselves.

Fans and collectors will have the chance to bid on over 250 items from TV history. Pieces include original props, costumes, set decorations, and much more from the actual set of Better Call Saul. The auction will be held on Propstore Auction from August 18 to September 1 with all the proceeds going to charities in Albuquerque.

Some of the highlights from the upcoming auction include Hector’s bell (valued $3,000-$5,000), Jimmy’s travel mug reading “World’s 2nd Best Lawyer” ($2,000-$3,000), and Chuck’s space blanket ($600-$800). Many of the items will be far too expensive for the average viewer. But you can register for the auction and be automatically entered into a drawing for a free prize pack full of items used on the set of Better Call Saul. Items like Los Pollos Hermanos memorabilia and Saul Goodman business cards.

Better Call Saul Co-Creator Hypes the Finale

Better Call Saul co-creator Peter Goud spoke to The Hollywood Reporter after the mid-season premiere to hype what’s still to come in the final episodes. He described Better Call Saul as “a good piece of music” where the rhythm and intensity change constantly. “Otherwise, you slide into a rhythm and everything becomes predictable. So, I hope the pacing is not entirely predictable.”

Gould obviously couldn’t go into too much detail without giving away the secrets to come. But he assured fans it’s unlike anything they’ve seen so far from either show.

“Oh my God. All I can tell you is that what’s to come, I don’t think you’re going to be comparing what’s coming up to Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul,” Gould said. “There are some things coming up that are their own animal. I think it’s all organic. Where the show is and where the characters are, what happens, but you’re gonna see some different tones, some different environments, some different characters. Hopefully, it all feels like a unified whole, because it’s still telling the story of our main cast.”

Gould can’t wait for fans to see the finale for themselves. Once they have the whole picture together, he thinks they’ll be rewarded further if they go back and watch Breaking Bad with the full context of Better Call Saul.

“All of the episodes look very different when you come back to them,” Gould said. “When I’m actually working on the show, I see the places where it’s glued together… I see all of those things and then after a few months, I’ll watch them again, all that clears away and I can see it for what it is. I’m generally very proud of it.”