‘Better Call Saul’ Star Rhea Seehorn Reacts To Kim’s Surprising Decision in Episode 9

by Leanne Stahulak

Each episode of “Better Call Saul” Season 6 gets better and better, with more bombs dropping that lead up to Jimmy McGill’s conversion to Saul Goodman.

The AMC TV series returned on Monday with a quieter but no less impactful episode. We saw Gus Fring dealing with the fallout of Lalo Salamanca’s death. And we witnessed Kim Wexler and Jimmy’s attempts to move on from Howard Hamlin’s murder in their home. They even attend Howard’s funeral, narrowly escaping after a confrontation with Howard’s widow, Cheryl. She suspects there was more to Howard’s death than suicide, but Kim and Jimmy convince her that his drug problem was real.

Toward the end of the “Better Call Saul” episode, however, Kim drops two major bombs. She decides that she can no longer be an attorney and no longer be with Jimmy. As Kim puts it, “Apart, we’re OK, but together, we’re poison,” per Screen Rant. She admits to keeping secrets from him, like knowing that Lalo was alive before Jimmy found out. And then Kim walks out of Jimmy’s life for who knows how long.

‘Better Call Saul’ Star Rhea Seehorn Opens Up About Kim’s Big Decisions

As “Better Call Saul” draws closer and closer to the end, many fans have wondered how Kim Wexler ties into Saul’s life in the “Breaking Bad” timeline. Several fans worried that she’ll die this season. But maybe her decision to leave Jimmy and (potentially) never see him again explain why she never shows up in the flagship show.

In a recent interview with  The Hollywood Reporter, Rhea Seehorn discusses Kim’s decisions and how they impact her character development.

“I was surprised. But as was frequently my reaction when I read these great scripts over the last seven years of my life, you’re surprised, and then you’re not,” Seehorn explained. “It immediately makes sense. Nothing ever feels like clever shock value. I was like, ‘Oh right. That’s how much she can’t live in her own skin anymore.'”

The “Better Call Saul” star added, “While she’s dealing with it by looking almost catatonic in her suppression of emotion, she’s imploding, and she’s absolutely desperate. She’s like, ‘I cannot be this person anymore. I have no right to practice law. I have absolutely no right to pass judgment on others.’ She’s been tipping the scales in the favor of those that are ‘deserving’ for years, which is absolutely an unethical way to practice law. And it ended up with a dead person at her feet.”

As for Kim’s breakup with Jimmy, “While she does acknowledge that there’s something they ignite in each other, she’s also acknowledging her part of it. And ultimately, there’s an incredible amount of self-loathing in her thinking of, ‘I don’t deserve anything,'” Seehorn said.

How Rhea Seehorn Saw This Coming for Kim as Early as Season 2

While several fans were shocked by Kim’s choice to leave her career and the love of her life, Seehorn saw the reasoning behind it.

“I kept thinking back to the moment [in Better Call Saul 208] when she first interviews with Schweikart and Cokely, and they say, ‘Why did you leave that small town life [near the Kansas-Nebraska border] as a cashier at Hinky Dinky? What did you want?’ And she says, ‘More,’” Seehorn said.

“That’s all she could categorize it as,” the actress continued. “And I think she’s at a place now where she thinks, ‘How dare I have wanted more than my station in life. I don’t deserve anything, I don’t deserve anything at all. I don’t deserve love… a relationship… a noble career.”

At which point Seehorn could “see Kim doing that” and take these factors out of her life.

“I love that Peter Gould, the showrunner, and our room full of writers, kept that thing that I think we’ve all thought was true of Kim the whole time: she does have integrity,” Seehorn concluded. “She is incredibly strong, and she does have a moral compass. It’s just quite buried right now. And for her to make that choice, it’s the most penance she can figure out how to do.”

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