‘Better Call Saul’s Season 6 Director Speaks Out About Kim’s Big Episode 9 Decision

by Alex Falls

Better Call Saul made a triumphant return to TV as it begins the lead-up to the series finale. We’re two episodes through the home stretch and already we’ve seen some monumental moments take shape. Warning, SPOILERS are ahead for episode nine, “Fun and Games.”

One of the biggest moments so far shows Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) so wrought with guilt by an unspeakable act that she pulls the plug on her relationship with Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk). She even surrenders her law license after deciding she and Jimmy are just too destructive as a couple.

The episode’s director, Michael Morris, recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the events of “Fun and Games.” He said the episode had a “sense of ending” that led him to believe it was actually the series finale. Especially with Kim Wexler’s actions signifying a major change to the status quo.

“What I like to think is that she doesn’t make any climactic choice until the parking lot, or at least until just after the scene with [Howard’s wife] Cheryl,” Morris said. “That’s when I was imagining it, that that kiss signifies that something has happened and that after that, in a very Kim Wexler way, everything unspools very fast. She’s a person of action. She’s not a person of agonizing. I wanted the kiss to be ambiguous in the moment and something that you would look back on later and go, ‘Oh, of course. That’s what that was.'”

A Pivotal Moment in Better Call Saul

The scene as written is dramatic in its own right. But Morris said Seehorn was instrumental in crafting the character and developing Kim’s psyche.

“Rhea being Rhea, you always want it to play on Rhea’s face. She’s never ever going to give you a shot where nothing’s happening. Never. It’s not possible,” Morris said. “We talked at length about what was happening and the way that we imagine Kim’s psyche to be developing in the course of the episode. There’s ways that we talked that I think are really productive, but there’s no way that I would say to Rhea, ‘I want to see this on your face in this moment,’ because it’s all there.”

The scene where Kim comes clean with Jimmy could be viewed as one of the most important of the series. It’s a major turning point for Jimmy on his path to becoming Saul Goodman. Morris said the scene was equally important while filming and they did their best to capture the actors’ raw emotion to fully convey the emotion on display.

“They might have held their scripts the first time they did it or they may have had their lines already, but we just did it completely raw and saw what that emotion could be,” Morris said. “Then we all agreed that there was a certain amount of size and emotional scale to the scene which you don’t always see on this show. The show is quite circumspect, actually, about its emotional freight with these two actors, in a really good way, and I think we all agreed that with this scene, we wanted to see more and we think we learned more, especially from Jimmy.”