‘Better Call Saul’: Will Season 6 Part 2 Have a Time Jump?

by Caitlin Berard

After two years, a pandemic, and a near-death experience for Bob Odenkirk, the sixth and final season of the Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul, finally premiered. One month and just seven episodes later, however, fans were asked to wait once again. This time, the wait followed Season 6’s mid-season finale (and its shocking cliffhanger).

As no other Better Call Saul season features a mid-season split, fans were left speculating. What could the reasoning behind the break possibly be? The first half of the season, after all, was particularly dramatic.

Throughout the first six episodes, fans watched as Gus Fring dealt with a botched assassination attempt and, in a completely separate storyline, Jimmy McGill (a.k.a. Saul Goodman) did his best to bring Howard Hamlin’s career to an end.

Then, during the mid-season finale, the two storylines finally converged, with the man Gus Fring tried to kill earlier in the season appearing in Jimmy’s apartment and murdering Howard Hamlin. Where could the series go after such a dramatic ending? Could the Season 6 part two premiere come with a time jump?

‘Better Call Saul’ Showrunner Teases Season 6, Part 2 Premiere

The grueling six-week wait between the first and second half of Better Call Saul Season 6 is coming to a close. Episode 8, the Season 6 part two premiere, airs on Monday, July 11th.

And if we take Better Call Saul showrunner Peter Gould at his word, the second half of Season 6 will not feature a time jump. In fact, the part two premiere will likely pick up moments after the mid-season finale left off.

In an interview with TV Insider, Gould gave a delightfully vague overview of the coming action in Episode 8. “It’s one of the most nail-biting hours of TV I’ve ever seen in my life,” he said. “What exactly is [Lalo] doing at [Saul’s] apartment? Lalo’s got definite intentions, let’s put it that way.”

As you can see, this statement virtually confirms the timeline of Season 6, part two. We can expect Episode 8 to begin right where Episode 7 ended.

As for the rest of Season 6B, Gould assured Better Call Saul fans that it would continue to provide the unexpected mixture of drama and comedy we have come to expect from the series. “Some episodes have some of the biggest laughs we’ve ever had on the show,” he explained.

According to Gould, the series still has more than a few surprises up its sleeve, “some of them delightful, some scary. The hope is that you’ll see these left turns and also think, ‘There’s no other way that could have gone’. By the time we’re done, you’re not going to see Breaking Bad the same way.”