‘Better Call Saul’: Season 6 Promises ‘Vengeance’ for Tony Dalton’s Lalo

by Taylor Cunningham

With the final season of Better Call Saul upon us, time is running out for Lalo to finally reach his arch-enemy Gus Fring, but according to his actor Tony Dalton, it’s only a matter of time before the two meet face to face.

“He’s angry, and he’s gonna get his vengeance one way or another,” the actor told Newsweek.

The game of cat and mouse has been heating up ever since Lalo Salamanca joined the TV series in season 4 to take over his family’s drug cartel. Once he was helming the operations, Lalo set his eyes on Gus and decided to take him out. But so far, every plan he’s made has been foiled.

And during the season 5 finale, Gus orchestrated a murder attempt on Lalo. But the kingpin survived the attack and ultimately faked his own death. With Gus thinking he was dead, Lalo decided he was going to use the opportunity to sneak over the border and finalize things once and for all.

But when season 6 opened, Lalo’s uncle Hector convinced him to rethink the idea just as he was about to head to the US using illegal traffickers. And ever since that moment, fans have been eagerly waiting to see what comes next. But aside from the opening episode, no one has seen the villain.

Tony Dalton Won’t Give Any Clues About Lalo’s Intentions on ‘Better Call Saul’

As the tension builds towards the series finale, everyone on screen has certainly felt the eyes of Lalo Salamanca, though. It’s clear that the tyrant has left a considerable impression on his competition. And no one feels safe.

As he teased during the Newsweek interview, it’s not even clear if Gus is his only target anymore. All Tony Dalton would say is that he wants “vengeance,” and it will eventually be his.

Gus is the most obvious target because of his betrayal of the Salamancas. And because he knows that his action made Lalo set out for blood, he hired bodyguards and 27/7 surveillance to stave off an attack.

But it’s also a possibility that the missing drug boss could also be after Saul Goodman and his wife, Kim. After some bad run-ins during seasons 4 and 5, Lalo has had beef with them, too.

However, no matter what Lalo has up his sleeves, there’s no way of telling what’s in store. Ever since the debut of Breaking Bad, two things have always been clear, the writers love to surprise fans and their endings are epic.

And as Tony Dalton told TV Insider, Lalo knows exactly what he’s doing on Better Call Saul. But audiences are going to have to wait out the big moment.

“He has a plan of what he should be doing and where he should be going,” Dalton admitted. “[But] when he talks to his uncle, he thinks of an even better way to approach this situation, which he could definitely end up winning.”