‘Better Call Saul’ Showrunner Reveals ‘Main Focus’ of Series’ Final Episodes

by Caitlin Berard

The second half of the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul premiered on Monday (July 11). And, as promised, it was indeed a “nail-biting hour of television”. If you haven’t seen Season 6 and don’t want spoilers, don’t read any further!

Because it’s a prequel to Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul shares a number of characters with the hit drama. And as the events of the prequel get closer and closer to those of the early episodes of Breaking Bad, the connections between the shows are becoming even stronger.

As fans haven’t failed to notice, many of the characters in Better Call Saul do not appear in the series it predates. It’s no surprise, then, that many have been killed off along the way.

In Season 6 alone, Nacho (Michael Mando), Howard (Patrick Fabian), and Lalo (Tony Dalton) have all met their fate. In a shocking series of events, Howard and Lalo were killed off in consecutive episodes!

‘Better Call Saul’ Showrunner Explains Deaths and ‘Main Focus’ of Remaining Story

The Season 6, part one finale ended with a major cliffhanger: the death of Howard at the hands of Lalo. The former then appeared in Jimmy’s apartment, asking the lawyer for his help in murdering crime boss Gus Fring.

When Season 6, part two aired, it wasn’t long before Lalo was murdered as well – by Gus Fring, no less. Lalo was attempting to break into Gus’ underground lab when Gus killed him.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Peter Gould gave fans some insight into the back-to-back murders. “It would be a totally reasonable choice to save these very dramatic deaths for the last couple of episodes, but we have other business to attend to,” he said. “It’s not something that we necessarily plotted out on a board and said, ‘This is the episode to do this’ and ‘This is the episode to do that.'”

“But our main focus is really on the development and the psychology of the characters,” he continued. “So it sort of organically fell here that this is where these things would happen. But there’s a lot more drama yet to come.”

Showrunner Peter Gould understands the pace of the last two episodes of Better Call Saul has been nothing short of blistering. However, he doesn’t appear to have any plans of slowing down. “All I can tell you is that what’s to come, I don’t think you’re going to be comparing what’s coming up to Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul,” he said. “There are some things coming up that are their own animal…”

“You’re gonna see some different tones, some different environments, some different characters. Hopefully, it all feels like a unified whole, because it’s still telling the story of our main cast.”