‘Better Call Saul’ Showrunner on the Season 6B Premiere: ‘One of the Most Nail-biting Hours of TV I’ve Ever Seen’

by Chris Piner

Once known for showing legendary films and shows for decades, the AMC network reimaged itself as being more than a museum. Drastically shifting, the network housed series like Madmen, the Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad. Between the three shows, AMC dominated television as each received raving reviews and a cult following. For Breaking Bad, the story of Walter White led to more than awards as a spin-off show featuring shady lawyer Saul Goodman was born. Proving successful, Better Call Saul has entertained households for six seasons. But with the show coming to an end, showrunner Peter Gould gave fans a taste of what is to come. 

For those who might need a little refresher, at the end of the first 7 episodes, Saul Goodman and his wife Kim Wexler were able to beat their colleague Howard Hamlin. Forcing him to settle the lawsuit, the two lawyers were on the cusp of getting a $2 million payday. But in true Breaking Bad fashion, the story took a turn when Howard confronted them at their home. Fans were shocked when cartel member Lalo Salamanca appeared. Not wasting time, Salamanca killed Howard before turning his attention to Jimmy and Kim. 

Peter Gould Hints At What Is In Store For Better Call Saul

Believed to be dead, it appears the gangster Salamanca is back, hoping to inflict some revenge for the murder of his family and former crew. Targeting kingpin Gus Fring, Salamanca’s surprise visit to the apartment could hint at a drastic change to his plan. 

Discussing the upcoming final episodes of Better Call Saul, Peter Gould focused on Salamanca’s surprise visit. “What exactly is he doing at their apartment? Lalo’s got definite intentions, let’s put it that way.” The showrunner was sure to admit that the humor often seen in the show will still be present. “Some episodes have some of the biggest laughs we’ve ever had on the show.”

Since Better Call Saul first premiered, fans of Breaking Bad wondered if the spin-off series would include Walter White and Jesse Pinkman cameos. While hinted at times, Gould noted, “We did say that you would see Walt and Jesse; I don’t know that I definitely said it was going to be Aaron and Bryan.”  

Returning for its final run on July 11 at 9:00 p.m. Peter Gould added that there were still plenty of laughs, surprises, and shockers to come. “Some of them delightful, some scary. But the hope is that you’ll see these left turns and also think, ‘There’s no other way that could have gone.’ By the time we’re done, you’re not going to see Breaking Bad the same way.”

Currently sitting at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, Better Call Saul ends its series with 36 awards and 218 nominations.