‘Better Call Saul’ Star Bob Odenkirk Provides Health Update Nearly a Year Removed From His Heart Attack

by Leanne Stahulak

Nearly one year ago, “Better Call Saul” star Bob Odenkirk suffered a heart attack on set. But now, he’s feeling “great,” per Page Six.

Odenkirk collapsed on set during a break in filming in July 2021. His “Better Call Saul” co-stars, Rhea Seehorn and Patrick Fabian happened to be in the room with him at the time and called for help. The on-set medic used a defibrillator three times to restart his heart before ambulances arrived. He stayed in the hospital for a week after getting surgery.

“I got two stents, a tiny part of my heart is made of metal, and I feel good,” the TV actor told Page Six on Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival.

For Odenkirk, the experience was less frightening “because I don’t remember anything” about it.

“It was scary to [Seehorn] and Patrick Fabian, who was standing right there when it happened, and everybody else, the whole crew who came around,” Odenkirk told the outlet. “They were utterly freaked out, but I can’t recall anything.”

Apparently, the day after he woke up from his surgery, the “Better Call Saul” star felt refreshed and ready to go. “I was like ‘Let’s go to work!’ and people were like, ‘Calm down, calm down,’” Odenkirk revealed.

Showrunner Peter Gould remembers the experience well, and called it “terrifying.”

”We were very worried, very scared, very upset,” Gould told Page Six at Tribeca. “It puts everything in perspective because, in the end, it’s a TV show. Once it becomes a matter of life and death, it puts everything in perspective.”

‘Better Call Saul’ Co-Star Rhea Seehorn Recalls Witnessing Bob Odenkirk’s Heart Attack

Earlier this week, “Better Call Saul” star Rhea Seehorn sat down with Variety to talk about the end of the series. At one point, she brought up her close relationship with Bob Odenkirk and Patrick Fabian. The three of them lived together near the set as roommates, growing even closer outside the confines of the show. Which just made Odenkrik’s heart attack that much more frightening.

“There are so many things that day, and I know Bob feels the same way, that are just like gifts from the universe,” Seehorn told the outlet. “I don’t know how else to put it, because he didn’t go to his trailer. If he had, he would be dead, or significantly brain-damaged.”

Instead of going to his trailer after filming wrapped for the day, Odenkirk chose to join Fabian and Seehorn in a communal hang-out area. He got on an exercise bike and watched a Chicago Cubs game while the other two chatted. Soon enough, they saw him start to tip over on the bike.

“We ran to catch him because it’s a concrete floor and didn’t want him to hit his head,” Seehorn said. “And then [we] realized that something much bigger was going on. We realized that he was having some kind of cardiac arrest.”

They called for help, and the on-set medic arrived with the defibrillator. While Odenkirk doesn’t remember anything about this, he appreciated that Seehorn and Fabian were there to help him through it.

“After hearing all the stories from all the people and hearing what Rhea and Patrick did, kneeling down, Rhea holding my head, Patrick grabbing my hand, them yelling at me to stay here, I mean, it was a massively impactful, devastating scenario that everyone participated in except for me,” Odenkirk told Variety.

He added, “But having heard it, it sits with you and it will resonate through the rest of my life. And our friendship will too.”