‘Better Call Saul’ Star Michael McKean Opens Up About Series Finale

by Craig Garrett

Michael McKean, who played Jimmy’s older brother Chuck in Better Call Saul, is giving his thoughts on the series finale. The critically acclaimed tv show came to an end after 6 seasons earlier this summer. As a prequel to Breaking Bad, it tells the story of how fan-favorite lawyer Saul Goodman came to be. What’s interesting about Better Call Saul is that it serves as both a prequel and sequel to Breaking Bad because of how the final season is set after Breaking Bad has already ended.

The series finale, “Saul Gone” was bittersweet for longtime fans. Jimmy decides to be selfless and publicly confesses to a multitude of crimes viewers have seen him get away with for over ten years. He stresses that Kim is completely innocent. Not only does this give him a sort of redemption, but it also allows him to finally see Kim again. The season finale of Better Call Saul was chock-full of cameos that fans loved, but it also managed to deliver a satisfying redemption story. One of those cameos was from Michael McKean. He reprised his role of Chuck McGill after being written out seasons ago.

In a heartfelt Twitter thread, actor Michael McKean reacts to the conclusion of Better Call Saul. He praises the writers, cinematographers, and actors for their work in the final episode and throughout the series. You can read his exact thoughts below.

Michael McKean Tweeted in Character

Michael McKean’s commentary on the episode is amusingly in character. The tweets resemble Chuck’s sincere and technical speech patterns. However, his humility and ability to defer to and heap praise on his collaborators are traits that Chuck tends to struggle with. In his tweets, McKean thanks series creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, several cinematographers, and the performances of his co-stars especially title character Bob Odenkirk and ex-wife Kim Wexler’s Rhea Seehorn. Their on-screen relationship became the series’ soul, and their reunion in the finale was one of the most memorable moments of the jam-packed episode.

McKean’s part in the final episode was a scene from before his character died in season 3 of Better Call Saul. Given that the flashbacks are usually significant to understanding Jimmy’s relationship with his brother, this particular cameo had great importance. There’s also a thread through the finale of Jimmy asking characters about a “what if” time machine scenario. It’s revealed in the Jimmy and Chuck scene that Chuck is reading The Time Machine. This suggests that the events surrounding Chuck’s death haunt Jimmy for years to come, even if he never admitted it. Michael McKean’s tweets made it clear that appearing in his finale cameo was a dream come true for him. He teases ‘more to come’ in terms of finale commentary, so we may hear from him again soon.