‘Better Call Saul’ Star Patrick Fabian Praises Fans for Character Tribute: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed

The popular television drama series Better Call Saul is already into its final season, and fans are already waiting for the midseason premiere later this summer. As we wait, one star of the popular series is taking to Twitter to praise fans for an emotional character tribute video highlighting his character throughout the show’s successful run.

Recently, Patrick Fabian, who portrays Howard Hamlin in the hit AMC Breaking Bad spin-off series posted to Twitter sharing a pretty in-depth character tribute video. It’s a fan-made tribute to Fabian’s character, Howard Hamlin, who met a shocking and swift end in a recent episode of Better Call Saul.

“Best Fans Ever,” Patrick Fabian writes in a recent tweet sharing the emotional tribute to his character. Of course, this video takes a fairly in-depth look into Howard Hamlin, so Fabian makes sure to add a “SPOILERS” warning in his tweet.

Fans of the hit series likely know what comes towards the end of the video. And, without giving too much away, yes, it’s an extra emotional element as the shocking moment is set to the song “Maybe I’m Lost.”

Better Call Saul’s Howard Hamlin Finds Himself Wondering If His Choices Have Been Worth It As Season 6 Comes To A Close

Patrick Fabian’s Howard Hamlin has been a part of the popular AMC series since it premiered six seasons ago. As the series progressed, so did Fabian’s character. Eventually, Howard Hamlin becomes core to the storyline as the series comes to a close. And, this season brought catastrophic events to the character. His marriage and home life have been crumbling, leaving the lawyer spiraling until the end.

Of course, a lot of Howard’s problems stem from a plan cooked up by “Saul” or Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) and Kim (Rhea Seehorn). There are plenty at play as things unfold in the Better Call Saul midseason finale. And it leads to the shocking end for Howard Hamlin.

What Can Fans Of the Hit AMC Series Expect After A Shocking Mid-Season Finale?

Fans of AMC’s Better Call Saul have a few weeks to wait until the series returns for the rest of its final season on July 11. And, there are a lot of questions to which we are hoping to get answers. One of these includes what we can expect to happen to Kim Wexler as the series comes to a close.

As the sixth season premiered earlier this year, showrunners include a mysterious flash-forward of someone ripping up Saul’s house a few years in the future…during the Breaking Bad years. And fans are wondering if this scene has left us clues as to whether or not Kim is still in Saul’s life at this point. Some have gone as far as to point out one seemingly minor detail in this sequence, the fact that the toilet seat is down.

Well, one of the show’s showrunners, Peter Gould isn’t giving much away on this front. However, he does have this to say about the gutsy lawyer. Noting that he’s glad fans are worried about the character. He then adds an even more cryptic note to this, stating that she is certainly one to worry about as the series comes to a close.

“All I can say is that the greatest compliment we could have is that folks are worried about Kim Wexler,” Gould tells Variety. “And you should be.”