‘Better Call Saul’ Star Patrick Fabian Speaks Out About ‘Absurd’ Boxing Scene With Bob Odenkirk

by Samantha Whidden

Following the latest episode of his hit TV series “Better Call Saul,”  Patrick Fabian shares details about his “absurd” boxing scene with co-star Bob Odenkirk. 

While speaking to Variety, Patrick Fabian spoke about his first reaction to the boxing scene with Bob Odenkirk. “My first reaction was, ‘How about that?’ I started off as a lawyer in Season 1. And nobody — I mean nobody — would’ve predicted I’d be in the ring with Jimmy McGill in Season 6. It’s earned. It’s kind of absurd. But it’s not like it doesn’t make sense. It’s come to blows, where literally Howard’s been the punching bag for Jimmy all this time. So it’s great to turn the tables.”

When asked how much training he did, Patrick Fabian stated that everything was choreographed. “With Bob’s action film ‘Nobody,’ he was in cracking shape. And he knew how to do stage fighting in a big way. The problem was, in that film he ends up kicking everyone’s asses.”

Patrick Fabian ended up having to remind Bob Odenkirk that he doesn’t get to win the match during the “Better Call Saul” scene. “Luis Moncada, who plays one of the Salamanca twins, trained me. So I took classes with him because he’s a boxer. We trained for about two or three weeks out.”

When asked who was more nervous about stepping into the ring, him or Bob Odenkirk, Patrick Fabian admitted. “I was. Are you kidding me? I was the president of the band in high school. I get the final punch, which is great, but it’s moviemaking. Bob and I did probably 80% of it. We got very excited.”

Patrick Fabian then said when the crew puts two actors in the ring with boxing gloves, things get entertaining. “You say action, all of a sudden, we’re gladiators.”

Patrick Fabian Opens Up About the Development of his “Better Call Saul’ character Howard 

Meanwhile, Patrick Fabian discusses the development of his “Better Call Saul” character, Howard. When asked about Howard eventually snapping, Fabian said, “Even though Howard does go through therapy, which is an unusual thing for a guy like that who probably thinks he knows it all, he goes and comes out the other side.”

Patrick Fabian then said that Howard is wanting to help Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) get therapy as well. “But he’s still the guy who wants to announce that has therapy by getting the Namaste plate. But if he’s wiling to box, what else is he willing to do? That’s a very good question.”

In regards to what his character would have been like if he didn’t mean Saul, Patrick Fabian added, “I think his life is unperturbed if he doesn’t run into Saul. But clearly, he’s been getting perturbed.”