‘Better Call Saul’ Star Rhea Seehorn Opens Up About Series Finale

by Megan Molseed

For the last few years now, TV fans have been glued to AMC’s Better Call Saul. With its intriguing premise, Better Call Saul is answering one important question…what, exactly, happened to turn Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill into the nearly moral-less cartel-connected attorney Saul Goodman that we met in the hit AMC series Breaking Bad?

For five and a half seasons we’ve gotten to know Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill a little bit better. We have also gotten to know the characters who surround the famed attorney, including Rhea Seehorn’s Kim Wexler. Wexler herself has a mystery about her. How did this smart and respected character become the one who goes against everything she stands for to go after a former colleague in such an intense manner?

Now, these – and many other – questions are about to be answered as the final season of Better Call Saul wraps up in the coming weeks. It’s a series wrap-up we have long been waiting for. And now, Rhea Seehorn opens up a little bit about what we can expect in these final installments.

Rhea Seehorn Gives Fans A Glimpse Of What To Expect In Better Call Saul’s Final Episodes

On July 11, Better Call Saul will return to the AMC airwaves. A return we have all been anticipating for quite a while. Especially as the mid-season finale left us with a shocking end the murderous drug kingpin Tony Dalton’s Lalo Salamanca made an explosive and unexpected return that shocked us all…killing Patrick Fabian’s Howard Hamlin in cold blood.

Now, Rhea Seehorn discusses what we can expect in the show’s return. It’s a series finale, the actress says, that is almost like a game. With a variety of complex situations at play.

“There’s no easy way to explain [what happens] and I don’t mean just because I can’t spoil anything,” Rhea Seehorn tells the New York Post.

“It’s a bit like playing the game ‘Taboo,'” the Better Call Saul star explains.

“It’s like if there were 30 words on the card and you’re trying to make a sentence,” Seehorn continues.

“I’ve never seen something so complex, dense and very thoughtful but also very exciting,” the actress adds. Seehorn goes on to note that Saul’s showrunner, Peter Gold, has been “very carefully sorting out complex milestones that have to be hit” to understand how McGill and Wexler change in such major ways.

“It’s not just connecting the dots,” Rhea Seehorn tells the Post. “It’s much more thoughtful.” It’s a thoughtful evolution, the actress adds, that “mesmerized” her as the series evolved.

“I was mesmerized by how they insisted to be completely true to the characters and advance [the story] forward,” she explains.

“It’s deeply moving and fraught and suspenseful and terrifying and devastating and very psychological,” Seehorn says. “I’m still thinking about what happens in these next episodes.”