‘Better Call Saul’ Stars Discuss Alternate Ending That Would Have Changed Everything

by Alex Falls

Better Call Saul came to an epic conclusion this week when the final episode of the Breaking Bad spinoff wrapped things up for Saul Goodman. Fans haven’t been able to stop talking about the emotional conclusion to the show.

After the episode finally bowed to audiences, the show’s co-creator Peter Gould held a press conference with stars Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn. During the event, they revealed how things almost ended very differently. Warning, this article does contain SPOILERS.

The Final Scene of ‘Better Call Saul’ (Spoilers)

Better Call Saul came to an end with Jimmy McGill getting caught and confessing to his crimes. Leading to an 87-year prison sentence. Kim eventually comes to visit him in jail to end things on a solemn note. But according to Gould, the ending nearly played out differently.

“When we first broke the episode this [scene] was the two of them were meeting in Albuquerque before he went to prison, and the last scene was him in prison by himself, thinking. And I liked that a lot, but it seemed a little cold,” Gould said. “I think ultimately, we all felt like ending with the two of them felt like the strongest way to go.”

Gould said in the original version Jimmy was full of fear about what was going to happen to him in prison. The scene was built on fear. But the scene they went with was very different. Instead, it’s built on the connection between Jimmy and Kim.

“There was a version that ended with the two of them smoking. I went back and forth on that for a while,” Gould said. “Then ultimately, having watched them both, I felt like it was right. And it felt more honest to end with the two of them apart rather than the two of them together.”

The Stars on the Final Scene

Odenkirk and Seehorn also commented what it was like filming that final scene. He called it “the easiest scene we ever shot.”

“It’s one of the few times that one of them isn’t trying to manipulate the moment [or] push some argument in some direction,” Odenkirk said.

Seehorn agreed with her co-star and also noted it was in fact the final scene they shot for the series. She said this scene is the characters at “their best, horrible place.”

“But they are without artifice, and without armor and sort of maskless to each other. Which is the best part of their relationship, is that that they were able to be that for each other,” Seehorn said. “I was very struck coming into the scene the way Bob was playing his side was very, very caretaking, steadying her hand and even the way he’s making the joke. It’s such a perfectly written scene. He tries to make her laugh a little bit even somehow letting her know it’s okay because he can see that she’s scared for him.”