‘Better Call Saul’ Stars Reveal Props They Kept From the ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff

by Craig Garrett

Better Caul Saul just wrapped one of the most acclaimed runs on tv and the cast kept some unique mementos from the set. Between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, some of these characters have been with fans for nearly 14 years. A tv landscape without a show set in the Breaking Bad universe is tough for long-time viewers to imagine.

This is also the case for much of the cast and crew of Better Call Saul. Many cast members have been doing the interview circuit highlighting favorite moments from the series. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the main cast even admitted to taking a few souvenirs. Some of the actors’ choices may surprise you.

Saul Goodman himself, Bob Odenkirk kept an odd item. Fans might expect him to take a flashy suit or pinky ring, but the award-winning actor brought home something off the beaten path from the Better Call Saul set. He kept the black Panavision hat his character wears in season 3 while directing low-rent commercials. “It’s the time when the character was really happy,” Odenkirk explained. “It’s really the only time when he was. When he was pulling scams, he was excited, and he was jazzed up, but I wouldn’t say he was happy.” Odenkirk feels like Saul was really in his element as a director. “Whenever he was doing his directing with that camera crew, he was genuinely having a blast!”

Other Better Call Saul Actors Own Up to Props They Took from the Set

Patrick Fabian, who played the doomed lawyer Howard, had a prop forced on him by the crew. Again, it wasn’t a fancy tie or piece of jewelry his sophisticated character wore. It was a much more mundane item, but something pretty neat to Better Call Saul fans. A pen from his character’s law firm. “It’s the only HHM pen that they manufactured,” Fabian said. “It sat on my desk for six seasons, nobody ever swiped it,” he says. “And on my final day in the office, [one of the crew] came over and said, ‘Hey, put this in your pocket. We love you.’ And I took it.”

Jonathan Banks, who played the tough fixer Mike, claims he never took home any props. It’s tough to believe, especially because he played Mike across 4 seasons of Breaking Bad and all of Better Call Saul. However, Banks is a live-in-the-present sort of guy. “I look back and it was all so sweet, but walking out of there the last time, I really do try to leave things in the past,” Banks explained.  

Banks didn’t leave Better Call Saul completely empty-handed, though. He was gifted a miniature version of his character’s car by the crew. The replica is even full of references from the show. “There’s a note on the windshield that says DON’T, there’s my baseball bat in there, my newspaper with my crossword puzzles. It lights up. It’s pretty cool,” Banks gushed.