‘Better Call Saul’: Why Lalo’s Love For Horses Is So Significant

by Megan Molseed

After seven years on TV airwaves, Bob Odenkirk’s Breaking Bad spinoff drama series, Better Call Saul is coming to an end. Starring as Jimmy McGill – known as Saul Goodman to Breaking Bad fans – first premiered in 2015. And now, the final season of the hit series has finally arrived. With this comes a new focus on seemingly small details throughout the series. Including the significance of horses in the series. Primarily when it comes to one character, Tony Dalton’s Lalo Salamanca.

In a recent Reddit post, one fan of the popular AMC series notes that Lalo’s “love of horses is a cool detail,” within Better Call Saul. And, this fan says, it’s a wonderful representation of “why the writing is top notch.”

“When the character is first introduced, he is singing along to the song: ‘Al Compás De Mi Caballo’ which translates to ‘to the Rhythm of my Horse,'” notes one detail-oriented fan of the series.

“In a later episode, he’s singing that exact song while fixing his Monte Carlo before asking Jimmy’s help with Krazy-8,” the Redditor continues.

At the end of season 5 when Lalo and Nacho go to his compound in Mexico, you can see horses galloping in an enclosure for a brief moment,” the fan adds. “The last detail I noticed was when he enters the laundry mat and kills the guards, he clicks at Gus like you would a horse in order to get him moving to show him where the lab is.”

These details note this Better Call Saul fan, gives this character a much more realistic component, fleshing their personalities out beyond the specific storylines. “They have their own interests and personalities,” the fan notes.

Better Call Saul’s Attention To The Smaller Details Does Not Go Unnoticed For Some Hardcore Fans

As this Better Call Saul Reddit thread continues, we learn that many fans of the series picked up on various small details that communicate Lalo’s love of horses. One fan points out that one of the “first things” Lalo checked on when he returns to the compound is his horses.

“One of the first he asked his caretakers when he gets to the compound is how are the horses,” the fan relates. Another Better Call Saul watcher notes that their own love of horses made Lalo’s passion stand out. However, this fan isn’t sure about the character’s horses as the final season hits the TV airwaves.

“As a horse lover myself, I definitely noticed this,” the fan notes in the Reddit thread. “I’ve been worried about the fate of his horses since the end of Season 5.”

Another fan notes how Lalo’s kinesics are those that only a horse lover would have. Primarily the way he approaches a particular character in one of the show’s biggest scenes.

“My best friend growing up was a horse girl, so I noticed Lalo’s horses,” the fan says. “And the way he clicked at Gus.”