‘Better Call Saul’: Why Rhea Seehorn Was the Only Choice for Kim

by Craig Garrett

If not for Rhea Seehorn being cast in Better Call Saul, the trajectory of the fan-favorite tv show would be totally different. On Monday, July 11, Better Call Saul will resume after its midseason break. The nominations for the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards will be announced the next day. Many fans are hoping Seehorn will finally be nominated for playing Kim Wexler. Incredibly, she’s been snubbed for the previous 5 seasons.

Rhea Seehorn seems like a key component of Better Call Saul’s success. A recent New York Times profile of the actor all but confirms this. In the piece, great things were said about her by the show’s co-creator Peter Gould. “There wasn’t even a remote second choice,” he said about casting Seehorn as Kim. “If we had not cast Rhea Seehorn in this role, we would be talking about a very different show right now.” 

Seehorn was an odd choice for Better Call Saul, but the right choice

Although the series is based on a Breaking Bad character, it also features a number of new characters from the world of Better Call Saul. Kim Wexler, one of the series’ main characters, is played by Seehorn. Kim is a lawyer who first met Jimmy (the future Saul Goodman) while working at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill. She began to fall in love with Jimmy over the course of the series. She has certainly had to expose a darker aspect of herself more than once throughout Better Call Saul’s six seasons as she is dating the future Saul Goodman.

Casting Seehorn at the time may have appeared odd. In the years leading up to Better Call Saul’s premiere in 2015, she was primarily recognized for comedy series. In fact, the actor had just completed a 38-episode run on the Whitney Cummings sitcom. However, there’s no denying that Gould and his colleagues identified something special in her.

The fate of Kim Wexler will be revealed soon

Kim does not appear in Breaking Bad. It’s hard to imagine that Better Call Saul will have a happy ending for her. The final six installments will air on AMC starting Monday, July 11, so the mystery surrounding her character’s fate should be resolved soon. Viewers can at least be comforted in the knowledge that her presence on the show could not have been replicated. Fans would likely find it impossible to see another actor in the role.

Seehorn also shed light on the last six episodes. “The next six episodes, this whole season, was probably the most challenging work I’ve done in my career — but blissfully so,” she said. “My last day, I left the set and I just thought, I’m going to be thinking about that ending for a very, very long time.” See a teaser trailer for the last six episodes of Better Call Saul below.