‘Better Call Saul’: Will Walt and Jesse Appear in the Next Episode?

by Leanne Stahulak

With only four episodes left of “Better Call Saul,” the window of opportunity for Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul to do a cameo continues to narrow.

Cranston and Paul starred in the flagship TV show “Breaking Bad,” along with Bob Odenkirk. Sources have confirmed that Jesse Pinkman (Paul) and Walter White (Cranston) will appear in a “Better Call Saul” episode before the series ends. But now, per a new report from TV Insider, we might see that cameo sooner rather than later.

In all likelihood, Cranston and Paul will only play a small part in the prequel’s overarching journey to catch up to the “Breaking Bad” timeline. We’ve already seen plenty of references to the original show, including an extended scene at the end of the most recent “Better Call Saul” episode, “Fun and Games.”

At the very end, after Kim Wexler dumps Jimmy McGill (Odenkirk) and leaves her attorney career behind, the episode flashes forward. We see Jimmy as Saul Goodman, stepping into his familiar strip mall office with Francesca the secretary bustling around. The fact that Tina Parker returned for the role of Francesca seems to indicate that more “Breaking Bad” characters could turn up soon.

But even further evidence comes from an off-hand line Saul says in the episode. As he’s walking into his office, Saul discusses potential cases on the phone. “Another public masturbator? Which one? A new guy?! Huh, everyone must be doing it,” he says.

This might not mean much to the average fan, but TV Insider pointed out how it could connect to Saul’s first “Breaking Bad” appearance.

‘Better Call Saul’ Seems to Set Up Saul’s First ‘Breaking Bad’ Appearance

Per the outlet, Saul’s first case on “Breaking Bad” occurs when he helps Badger (Matt Jones) after he’s caught selling meth. As Saul looks through his papers at the police station, he pulls out a sheet and says, “Here we go. Public masturbation.”

Badger quickly corrects Saul, letting him know that his papers should concern his alleged meth sales. But the fact that Saul had the public masturbation case file on “Breaking Bad” and now brings it up on “Better Call Saul” shows that the two timelines are scooting closer and closer together. It’s only a matter of time before we see Jesse and Walter dropping in and getting involved with Saul’s business.

It’s also telling that we saw this flash forward so soon after Kim’s exit. “Better Call Saul” fans have wondered for ages how she fits into the “Breaking Bad” timeline. But maybe their breakup is part of the beginning of the end for Jimmy, as he slowly begins his conversion into Saul Goodman, criminal lawyer.

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