‘Better Call Saul’s Finale Found Jimmy Slipping Into One Last Suit

by Craig Garrett

Since Better Call Saul debuted back in 2015, there’s been a motif about the title character taking on different personas to suit situations. Bob Odenkirk gave fans a masterclass in acting, playing a multifaceted character. Jimmy McGill was a flawed but loveable con artist at the start of the series. Jimmy was juxtaposed with his future alter ego, Gene Takovic. In the post-Breaking Bad timeline, Gene was a mild-mannered, beleaguered Cinnabon manager. Finally, there was the titular character. We were first introduced to Odenkirk’s character in Breaking Bad as Saul Goodman. Of course, in that series, Saul was an opportunist huckster, a borderline parody of the ambulance-chasing lawyer.

Each incarnation of the character was represented with a severe costume change. Jimmy wore drab brown suits. Saul sported a massive comb-over, flashy colorful Armani’s, and a pinky ring. Finally, Gene had a mustache and fast food uniform. In the series finale of Better Call Saul, Odenkirk was able to bring the character full circle. He also got to adorn the classic tv character in one last outfit.

Better Call Saul went out on an understated, but satisfying note. Fans spent years watching Jimmy devolve into Saul (and dropping even further into the shell of a man Gene). So it was life-affirming to see the character put himself back together. Even if it was just a hail mary attempt to save his ex, Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn). Jimmy (in full Saul mode) manages to plea his way to only 7 years of prison after he’s arrested. However, he learns that Kim is in danger due to an impending civil suit as an accessory to his crimes.

How Better Call Saul went out on a bittersweet but satisfying note

Jimmy decides to be selfless and publicly confesses to a multitude of crimes viewers have seen him get away with for over ten years. He stresses that Kim is completely innocent. Not only does this give him a sort of redemption, but it also allows him to finally see Kim again.

Of course, the final incarnation we see of Jimmy is him in a prison jumpsuit. Though he introduced himself to fellow inmates as Jimmy, he becomes a jailhouse legend once they realize he’s the infamous Saul Goodman. He rolls with the notoriety, realizing that it might save him a lot of headaches behind bars. Perhaps as a nod to his other persona, Cinnabon manager Gene, Jimmy’s prison job is in the bakery.

We close out on Better Call Saul with Kim visiting Jimmy in prison. Jimmy is making the most of his prison experience, putting on a brave face for Kim. She points out that by taking the fall for her, he ended up with 86 years behind bars. He quips that with good behavior, who knows? Our last image of the pair is Kim exiting the prison grounds. She glances over at Jimmy, in the facility’s exercise yard. He grins, shooting her his signature finger gun gesture as he disappears behind a wall as she walks away.