‘Big Sky’ Adds Five New Recurring Characters for Season 3

by Megan Molseed

Fans are getting some big news as we begin to gear up for the third season of the hit ABC crime-drama TV series, Big Sky. Five new recurring characters are joining the popular primetime drama. One of these characters is already familiar to audiences, appearing as a regular guest star in previous episodes.

Big Sky Fans Will See A Faces In Recurring Roles

As we prepare for the September 21 premiere of Big Sky, we are learning that one popular character, J. Anthony Pena’s Deputy Mo Poppernak will be returning as a regular character in season 3. Pena’s Poppernak was a regular guest during the show’s second season.

During Pena’s previous appearances (16 in total) his character was a chatty and upbeat addition to the series. Especially as he worked diligently to help Katheryn Winnick’s Jenny Hoyt solve the seemingly unsolvable cases. Rounding out the list of new recurring characters are Luke Mitchell, Seth Gabel, Henry Ian Cusick, Anirudh Pisharody, and Madalyn Horcher.

Taking A Look At The New Faces Fans Will Be Meeting When Big Sky Returns In The Fall

Luke Mitchell will portray a character named Cormac in the upcoming season of Big Sky. Cormac is the son of charismatic backcountry outfitter Sonny Barnes (Reba McEntire). Mitchell isn’t new to TV dramas. The actor has previously starred in NBC’s Blindspot and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on ABC. Mitchell also stars in Without Remorse which is airing on the popular streaming service, Amazon.

Seth Gabel portrays a recluse living in a cabin deep in the Montana wilderness named Walter. Walter is an unpredictable sort of character. This unpredictability leads to some tense situations with campers and hikers who cross his path.

Gabel’s credits include a variety of well-known projects including FX’s American Horror Stories, WGN’s America’s Salem, and Fox’s Fringe.

Some Of The New Cast Members Are Joining McEntire’s Sonny Barnes For A Camping Adventure

Henry Ian Cusick portrays a successful tech entrepreneur named Avery. Avery and his stepdaughter Emily are joining Barnes on an ill-fated camping trip. Anirudh Pisharody portrays another one of the characters joining Barnes on the camping adventure. Pisharody’s Luke is a city slicker type. He joins his girlfriend Paige, Madalyn Horcher on the outing.

Cusick is known for his roles in Lost and Scandal. He has also had guest roles on the MacGyver reboot as well as Fox’s The Passage. Pisharody has been a recurring player on Fox’s 9-1-1. The actor is also featured on nd Netflix’s Never Have I Ever.

Horcher can be seen in the HBO Max feature Doom Patrol. She has also appeared on Paramount’s Jack Reacher 2.