‘Big Sky’ Adds ‘Pulp Fiction’ Star to Season 3 Cast

by Alex Falls

The upcoming third season of Big Sky is taking shape as cast members continue to be confirmed. And the show just announced perhaps its biggest addition yet.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rosanna Arquette, best remembered for roles in Pulp Fiction and countless TV shows has joined the third season of ABC’s Big Sky in a key recurring role opposite Katheryn Winnick.

Arquette will play Virginia ‘Gigi’ Cessna, Jenny’s (Winnick) charismatic, fast-talking mother and world-class scam artist. Gigi used childhood Jenny in her grifts, much to present-day Jenny’s resentment. Gigi has an uncanny ability to charm her way into people’s lives and then disappear without a trace. When she returns to Helena to pull her latest con. But Jenny catches onto her. Mother and daughter must then work through their difficult relationship.

Big Sky also features new regulars in Jensen Ackles and Reba McEntire in her return to ABC. McEntire will also narrate the season.

In the upcoming season, private detective Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury), undersheriff Jenny Hoyt (Winnick), and newly appointed sheriff Beau Arlen (Jensen Ackles) maintain order in Helena, Montana with their unparalleled investigative skills. But when a local backcountry trip led by charismatic outfitter Sunny Barnes (Reba McEntire) goes awry, the trio faces their most formidable mystery yet. No camper can be trusted and danger lurks around every jagged rock and gnarled tree.

Another Big Name Joins Big Sky

Arquette is not the only big name to join the cast of Big Sky. Reba McEntire is also coming to steal scenes in the next season. She marked her excitement for the role with a brief behind-the-scenes look on her Twitter.

“You never know what’s coming around the bend. A new mystery begins in the season premiere of #BigSky: Deadly Trails, September 21 on ABC. Stream on Hulu,” she captioned the post.

McEntire has had quite an acting career of her own before coming to Big Sky. Of course, she starred in Reba for six seasons across 125 episodes. The show earned quite a loyal, cult following in syndication. Reba has clearly taken many projects like Big Sky since her show was canceled in 2007. However, fans are always pushing for the show to make a return.

“We’ve really been trying to do a reboot of the Reba show,” she told Bobby Bones. “I really want to work with the people that I got to work with during that six-and-a-half years.”

Like the many loyal viewers of the show, McEntire was shocked to learn the show got canceled. She might be taking on new roles, but she’s always hopeful Reba comes back in some form.

“We had no idea why they canceled us,” McEntire said. “We were a huge success so it was a head-scratcher for us. So to come back now…that amount of time, that time spread, we’d have a lot of stories to tell.”