‘Big Sky: Deadly Trails’: Reba McEntire Drops ‘Sunny’ Preview of Upcoming Show

by Blake Ells

The third season of Big Sky is coming. The show makes its debut on ABC on September 21. It’s already been a smash, but this season, it adds country music legend and occasional television star Reba McEntire. The 67-year-old Oklahoma native is sharing a peek from behind-the-scenes. Check out the video below.

“You’ll never forget the time you spent at Sunny Day Excursions. Come visit September 21 when the new season of Big Sky: Deadly Trails premieres on ABC,” she captioned the post.

The clip begins with an aerial shot of a valley and shows some horses running free. Then Reba appears for an ad.

“Have you been dreaming of an escape to Montana’s beautiful Big Sky country? Well if you have, I highly recommend Sunny Day Excursions. Premier luxury camping, or as the city folks call it, ‘glamping.’ Hosted by me, Sunny Barnes. Former barrel racer, rodeo queen and proud owner of Sunny Day Excursions,” she begins the ad for her character’s business on the show.

Then, things get dark.

“Get lost in the endless trees and trails. See some incredible local wildlife. Take in sunny views sure to stop you dead in your tracks. Ain’t that right, Oakey? Come see us. You’ll love it,” she finishes as terrifying footage filled with murder mysteries rolls.

The series stars Katheryn Winnick, Kylee Bunberry and Dedee Pfeiffer. It’s gaining a lot of steam as the West is hot on television right now. And adding country music stars to your cast is an award winning formula that Taylor Sheridan perfected with Yellowstone. Reba is loving her return to the small screen. Not only is her Big Sky debut on the way, she has a new Lifetime movie on the way titled The Hammer.

Reba is Back on Television with ‘Big Sky’

Reba McEntire was the titular character from the highly successful series Reba. The show had a 125-episode run. A revival of the series has been in talks for years. Could it be soon?

“The TV business changes so much that sometimes reboots are hot and then they’re not,” she said. “Plus getting everyone scheduled together is also hard. Steve Howie is very busy, and so is Joanna Garcia. Melissa [Peterman] is doing wonderful and here we are making a movie together. I guess timing and schedule will dictate that in the future.”

She does reunite with Peterman for The Hammer. There’s no release date for the forthcoming Lifetime movie. Her real-life boyfriend, Rex Linn, is also in the movie about a judge that is portrayed by the “Why Haven’t I Heard from You” singer. If a Reba reboot happens, she’d love to bring Linn along for that ride, too.