‘Big Sky’: See Reba McEntire in New Season 3 Trailer

by Joe Rutland

If you are ready for some Reba McEntire on TV, then we have you all set up as ABC’s Big Sky comes back for Season 3. McEntire plays Sunny Barnes, who runs an outdoors adventure-style ranch. She’s not your nice and sweet character, either. Sunny appears to have a little swagger to her and that’s a good thing. In this ABC show, which will air on Wednesday nights, things are getting pretty testy early on. That’s according to a trailer for Season 3 that we’re sharing with you here.

McEntire has been talking a bit about the show, which will be known as Big Sky: Deadly Trails this season. Before we get to what Reba is talking about, let’s stay with the show for a minute. Yes, you will see Jenny and Cassie working together again this season but they have some help. Yep, for all of you Supernatural fans, then you can see Jensen Ackles show up as Beau Arlen.

Reba McEntire Will Have Close Friend Join Her on ‘Big Sky’

But it’s not the first time you have seen him. Ackles debuted as Arlen near the end of last season. This show knows how to keep things lively and with Ackles on board, it ramps it up. With the new tagline, too, there are some thoughts that the show is starting over again. That’s not a bad idea as it tries to keep its audience involved. You can expect to see a lot of Ackles as Arlen. He’s not a guest star here. Nope, he is a full-on series regular.

For those Big Sky fans out there, the new season will kick off on September 21. That’s a Wednesday night at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. But we are going to keep our eyes on McEntire. Could it be that Sunny gets a little wicked this season? Having the country music legend play anything but a sweet, kind character will be a plot twist. Fans know her from her old sitcom Reba, too. Forget about that character, though, when it comes to Big Sky.

Now, what in the world has McEntire been sharing in conjunction with this show? Boyfriend Rex Linn will be along for the ride, too. He’s going to play Buck Barnes, who is Sunny’s husband. That works for their fans. McEntire and Linn have been a couple since 2020. McEntire talked a little about the show back in August. “We’re having a blast,” McEntire told Deadline in an interview. “We’re still in the middle of shooting. We were on set last night [Aug. 11] and there was a full moon. I think we broke around 12:54 a.m. Mountain time. It was a long night but so beautiful. We are really loving it.”