‘Blue Bloods’: Are the Actors Actually Drinking Wine During Reagan Family Dinner Scenes?

by Caitlin Berard

When it comes to TV series popularity, crime dramas have long reigned supreme. The genre is in such high demand, in fact, that a police procedural can be found on TV at virtually any given time of day, regardless of the day of the week. From Law & Order to NCIS to 9-1-1, there’s no shortage of high-stakes police dramas to choose from.

The long-running series Blue Bloods falls into this category as well. Blue Bloods, however, stands apart from the rest. While other procedurals put the focus solely on the police work, Blue Bloods splits focus between the crimes and the Reagan family. Many Blue Bloods fans, in fact, cite the weekly Reagan family dinner scenes as their favorite part of the show.

As such, the actors behind the beloved drama have shared plenty of details regarding the inner workings of the dinner scenes. The “dinners,” for example, actually start at around 9 in the morning, then typically stretch on for 8 hours or more before the scene is complete.

In an interview with People, Donnie Wahlberg, the actor behind Detective Danny Reagan, answered one of Blue Bloods fans’ long-held questions: is all the alcohol the Reagans drink real? It turns out that, no, the actors are not getting drunk at 9 a.m., as entertaining as that would undoubtedly be.

“Someone asked me if we get drunk because we have a lot of wine during the dinner scene,” Wahlberg said. “But, sadly, it’s just grape juice. Sorry, guys. And ‘Scotch’ is iced tea. I think they give us decaffeinated or we’d be bouncing off the walls.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Actors Reveal More Secrets From Reagan Family Dinner Scenes

Though Blue Bloods actors do drink water, grape juice, and iced tea at the Reagan family dinners, most of them don’t actually eat anything. According to Blue Bloods prop master Jim Lillis, the two child stars, Tony and Andrew Terraciano, always eat “a lot” at the dinners. The adults, however, merely push and cut their food to make it appear they’re eating. With the exception of Donnie Wahlberg, that is.

Despite the 8-hour dinners, Donnie Wahlberg doesn’t shy away from eating his meal, though he eats only the vegetables. Hilariously, the actor says the large quantities of vegetables cause some unfortunate intestinal issues.

“[Tom Selleck] just pretend eats, but I’m the only one who really eats,” Wahlberg said. “I literally ate 20 pounds of asparagus today. I try to only stick to vegetables, which leads to other problems. Fortunately, we wrapped a little early today so the problems will be personal problems, and won’t be affecting everyone else at the table.”

Wahlberg’s co-star, Sami Gayle, explained that his massive vegetable consumption is a joke among the cast. “It’s the running joke that Donnie doesn’t stop eating,” she said. “Even during rehearsals. They’ll tell us not to eat the food because we’re just going through the lines. But I’ll look up and see Donnie chewing on something.”