‘Blue Bloods’: Was This the Best Family Dinner of Season 8?

by Joe Rutland

One of the scenes that acts as a lynchpin within Blue Bloods happens to be the dinner scenes that take place at the Reagan home. We all see different members of the Reagan family, led by Frank Reagan as played by Tom Selleck, gather. From problems in the police force to family squabbles, they get everything aired out. In Season 8, once again everyone got together but there was a twist. Can we call this the best family dinner of Season 8?

So, this dinner has all of the usual suspects and that includes Jamie Reagan, played by Will Estes. He brings along his New York Police Department partner Eddie Janko, played by Vanessa Ray. Everyone looks pretty happy to see them show up for some food and wine. As we said, there’s a twist to this scene. Sure, Jamie and Eddie have had feelings for one another but had not solidified this yet.

‘Blue Bloods’ Gets Welcome Boost Emotionally From Jamie-Eddie Engagement

Well, all of that changed in an episode titled My Aim is True. When Jamie and Eddie show up, he tells the family that they are engaged. This comes after four years of being together. But this episode also has some drama surrounding Jamie. He finds himself at the mercy of a shooter but Eddie would save him from a harrowing end. Both have an emotional scene and connect at that time.

The news could not have come at a better time for Blue Bloods fans. Why? They were watching Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg, deal with the death of his wife Linda, played by Amy Carlson. Having one relationship sadly come to an end while another one skyrockets helps bring some joy and happiness to this CBS police drama. This did not happen in this episode but at the start of Season 8, according to Looper.

So, seeing everything come together at a tender moment is always good. Blue Bloods does a solid job of making sure that family gatherings are at its core. Over and over again, the family connection is presented in different storylines. Frank is one that gives advice at opportune times. Yet taking a scene like this one and adding some celebratory nature to it helps shift away from a serious tone. The show wasn’t denying Danny’s pain as it followed him making a new home for himself and his boys. There have been some rumblings over the later seasons about whether or not he would have a romantic partner again. Some fans have been clamoring for a love interest for Danny. That has not happened…yet. There’s plenty of time to see if it materializes. Catch the show on Friday nights on CBS.