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Blue Bloods’ Bridget Moynahan Enlists Fans to Help Find Missing Cat Named … Bridget Moynahan

by Joe Rutland
bridget moynahan photo
(Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

In the “doing a good turn” department, Blue Bloods star Bridget Moynahan is doing what she can to bring a cat home. No, not to her place in New York. But she’s trying to get a cat named Bridget Moynahan back to its rightful owner. Yes, before you ask, the cat’s real name is after the Erin Reagan actress.

How is she helping out? As it turns out, Moynahan, 51, is sharing a photo on her Instagram Story. It happens to be a black-and-white missing poster taped on a wall. In fact, the poster happens to show the tabby cat standing on top of an ice cream freezer. He’s in front of a lot of different candies like Butterfingers and Mounds at the convenience store the cat calls home, PEOPLE reports.

Bridget Moynahan Of ‘Blue Bloods’ Has A Little Fun At Cat’s Expense On Her Instagram Story

This poster was quite interesting, though, Printed on there were the following words: “Answers to Bridget Moynahan.” Well, this led Moynahan to have a little fun. At the top of the Instagram Story post, she wrote, “Meanwhile, somewhere in Manhattan…”

In case you did not know, bodega cats are the New York City version of farm cats. They are used by bodega and convenience store owners to help keep mice and rats at bay.

It might seem to some people that Bridget Moynahan the Cat is just another cat who helps out at the bodega. Well, let’s clear that up a little bit. On the poster, the owners wrote “forever in our hearts”.They let people know the cat is beloved.

Could The Show’s Writers Work In The Missing Cat Saga As A Storyline?

Who knows? Maybe the show’s writers could find a way to work this into a storyline. Right now, Erin is running for the Manhattan District Attorney position. Any good karma that could go her way probably will be most welcome by her. Imagine the good news about Erin getting a cat named after her back with its rightful owners.

That would make for a cool storyline. In the most recent episode, Erin found herself in the hands of a political consultant. She looks a lot like a candidate. But the whole thing didn’t suit Erin at all. It even bothered her to show Anthony, her co-worker in her department, what she looked like.

Moynahan has been on Blue Bloods since 2010. Her character, right now, is an assistant district attorney. She’s part of a multigenerational family of cops, alongside actors Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and Will Estes. Moynahan lives in New York with her son John “Jack” Edward, whom she shares with seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady.