‘Blue Bloods’: The Character Fans Hope to See Reunite With Danny Reagan

by Megan Molseed

The hit CBS television procedural, Blue Bloods has been on the air for 12 seasons now. In fact, the hit drama series is gearing up for its 13th season. Over the last 12 seasons, we have been getting to know the members of the Reagan family, which is headed by Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan. Each one of the Reagan family adults works within the New York City legal system.

During the show’s tenure on primetime TV, we have also watched as the Reagans welcomed a number of new characters into the fold. Some of these characters serve a professional role, while others bring a more personal aspect to a character’s storyline.

One of these characters has made quite the impression on some Blue Bloods viewers, it seems. Especially relating to how well the character connected with Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan during her brief appearance. In fact, it’s a character we met early in the Blue Bloods 12-year run … all the way back in season 4.

Blue Bloods’ Danny Reagan Takes a Life-Changing Call

In the fourth season episode titled Insult to Injury, Danny Reagan meets Jill after he takes a call from her as she threatens to end her own life as well as the man responsible for her the death of her parents. The two share a connection as the episode progresses. And, one Reddit user notes that it may be time for Jill to return to the series!

“I would like to see [Danny] meet up with Jill again,” the Blue Bloods fan notes in a recent Reddit thread. The fan notes that this particular episode is the sixteenth episode of the show’s fourth season.

This Redditor adds that Danny was adamant about maintaining the strong friendship bond he and Jill formed during their time getting to know each other. And, the commenter says, it would be great to see what has happened between the two over the years.

“He says he doesn’t wanna ruin this beautiful friendship,” the Blue Bloods fan explains in the post. “I would like to see what became of that friendship.”

Some Blue Bloods Fans Hope to See Growing Relationships, While Others Are Happy With Keeping Focus on Cases

It’s a nice thought, remembering characters with which Blue Bloods players made special connections over the years. Especially when it comes to Whalberg’s Danny Reagan. We know well that he has suffered a devastating loss with the death of his wife, Linda, who died at the beginning of the show’s eighth season.

However, one Redditor disagrees with the OP on bringing this character back to the series to explore her friendship with Danny. In fact, this Redditor would like to hold off on these types of storylines as a whole, focusing more on the crime-related drama.

“I’m the opposite,” the Redditor responds to the post. “I want less romance in my cop shows not more.”