‘Blue Bloods’: Could There Be a Spinoff Series in the Future?

by Shelby Scott

Blue Bloods” concluded its 12th season earlier this month, presenting fans with a new major storyline. And while the CBS show starring Tom Selleck has seen massive success since its premiere, fans, following the season finale, are wondering whether the show could see a spinoff in the future.

Fortunately for us, the showrunner has given us a pretty clear answer. “Blue Bloods” has gained a massive following since it first aired in 2010. And while many fans would like to see some of the characters head their own spinoffs, the outlet reports a franchise is extremely unlikely.

CBS has had success after success with procedural franchises. Several include “NCIS” and “CSI.” And part of that is because these government agency-centric shows feature offshoots across the country. However, “Blue Bloods” showrunner Kevin Wade says a spinoff is unlikely for one main reason.

Unlike the aforementioned crime dramas, which put a focus on specific departments within law enforcement, “Blue Bloods” features family most heavily. In speaking to PopCulture, Wade said, “You can’t replicate the family. You could take the idea of a law enforcement family in another city, obviously, but Blue Bloods is kind of a one-off, starting with Tom Selleck and [Donnie Wahlberg] and [Bridget Moynahan].”

He explained, “The show is identified, I think, way more with the actors than with the organizations they work for.”

When to Expect ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 13 Filming to Kick Off

The season 12 finale of “Blue Bloods” wrapped up a handful of season-long plots and subplots. Although it also introduced a handful of all-new stories. And while the season only just concluded, plenty of “Blue Bloods” fans are wondering when filming for season 13 begins.

Unfortunately, CBS hasn’t provided us with any definitive date. We know the season 13 premiere date will likely come sometime in the early fall, typically in September or October. However, the filming start date is, currently, shrouded in mystery.

If we’re lucky, we can expect news shortly from some of the “Blue Bloods” cast via their social media accounts. Series stars including Bridget Moynahan and Donnie Wahlberg remain extremely active on Instagram especially. However, if we were to take an educated guess based on previous seasons, filming for the drama could begin as early as July.

As to what we might expect from season 13? Well, as we saw in the last few scenes of the “Blue Bloods” season 12 finale, Moynahan’s character Erin Reagan has officially decided to run for the DA’s position. So, when “Blue Bloods” airs in the fall, we can expect to see Erin campaigning.

Meanwhile, fans took to Reddit to share some ideas as to what they’d like to see in the new season.

“I would like to see more scenes with Jamie and Frank,” one fan wrote. Others said they’d like to see Eddie pregnant and expecting a baby, with others hoping for a rekindled relationship between Erin and Jack.

So, while “Blue Bloods” likely won’t see a spinoff series any time soon, we can expect a variety of plots and subplots when the show returns in the fall.