‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Makes Late-Night Stop At Waffle House

by Joe Rutland

It’s tough being out on the road for Blue Bloods actor Donnie Wahlberg, who also performs with his band New Kids on the Block. Yes, the guy who you see playing Detective Danny Reagan on the CBS police drama is also on the big stage. Recently, he got a bad case of the munchies and needed to make a stop. Where do you think he decided to grab an early-morning bite to eat? None other than a famed Waffle House. They are all over the place and, well, when you are hungry, something has to help ease the hunger pains. Wahlberg took this pretty cool video of him and a couple of other people just outside one. Take a look and also take note of The Verge song Wahlberg used as a backdrop.

One fan writes in the comments, “Waffle house is good anytime of day!!!” OK, well we also hear from famed drummer Sheila E. She simply writes, “Noooooooo”. We don’t know if that means that she doesn’t like Waffle House. Maybe she wants Wahlberg to try another place to eat. But it’s pretty cool to see her toss in her comments to this sweet video. Yeah, we also agree that Waffle House can be good at any time of any day. Yet there’s something about an early-morning meal, you know? Another fan says, “It’s an even more beautiful thing to find you at a Waffle House after a show!!”

Donnie Wahlberg Will Have His Hands Full On ‘Blue Bloods’ This Season

But he’s just getting started with filming for Season 13 of Blue Bloods. You better believe he’ll be busy as Danny this season. Besides whatever cases come along his way, he’s going to have his hands full. His New York Police Department partner Maria Baez, played by Marisa Ramirez, is now a mother. She’ll be busy on that front. We also know that Danny has been a parent for some time and might just drop some parenthood nuggets on Baez’s head. That’ll be cool to see how she handles Danny possibly butting into her business. And no, don’t expect any romantic overtures to take place between these two.

Meanwhile, there’s always some stuff happening within the Reagan family. As you know, they usually gather together for dinner at the Reagan house. Danny might toss out some jokes or find himself at odds with a family member. He has his moments. But this season is going to be pretty Erin Reagan-centric. Yes, the Bridget Moynahan character is looking to move on up in Manhattan. She wants to be the District Attorney, leaving her Assistant District Attorney role behind.