‘Blue Bloods’ Stars Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez ‘Endorse’ Erin Reagan’s Election

by Joe Rutland

It looks like Erin Reagan will have two additional people supporting her election bid on Blue Bloods with Danny and Maria on board. Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin on the CBS police procedural, is looking to become the Manhattan District Attorney this season. It’s going to be a storyline worth watching play out on so many different fronts.

Yet Moynahan headed over to her Instagram account and shared this sweet picture of Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez. They play NYPD Detectives Danny Reagan and Maria Baez on the show. Well, you can see Wahlberg has one of those spiffy “Elect Erin Reagan for Manhattan District Attorney” T-shirts in his hand. Ramirez is standing just behind him as they both smile in this funny picture.

Seeking New Job On ‘Blue Bloods’ Will Keep Erin Reagan Quite Busy

As we mentioned, the election storyline will be a big one. It’s no secret that Erin has not been a fan of the current Manhattan District Attorney Kimberly Crawford, played by Roslyn Ruff. Maybe the time has come for Blue Bloods to give Erin a new job. It would really be a cool segue and change for Moynahan’s character.

Talk about livening up things! Goodness. Can you also imagine those dinner-table conversations at the Reagan family house? You might have some intriguing topics come up for chatter. Of course, the big thing will have to be whether or not Erin wins. We think it would be great to see her in the DA job. Fans filled up Moynahan’s comments section with their own request and desires to have a snazzy election T-shirt themselves.

While we get a chance to see Wahlberg and Ramirez offer their support for the DA election, they’re going to have some interesting storylines themselves. For instance, Baez is going to be a mother this season. It’s something that she has wanted for a period of time. She adopted a child and will have to balance both work and motherhood. Danny is a cat who has plenty of experience as a father. We will not be surprised to see him drop some parent knowledge around her. He might hold up until she asks for some of his thoughts. Well, knowing Danny as we do, he’s pretty open about his opinions.

But let’s not forget about the influence of NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck. He is, after all, Erin’s father and cares about her. Listening to what he will say to her in Season 13 will be worth leaning into throughout its episodes. Yes, Erin can hold her own when it comes to work and this election, too. Family, though, does matter and there’s no better example of that than dinner time at Dad’s house.