‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Mourns the Loss of Bon Jovi’s Alec John Such

by Shelby Scott

Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg has a lot to celebrate lately between the conclusion of the CBS series’ 12th season and its ranking amid this year’s top scripted dramas. However, as a musician, the actor took a moment from celebrating to mourn the loss of Bon Jovi’s founding bassist, Alec John Such. John Such passed away earlier this week at 70 years old.

Wahlberg began his post, “During our 80’s tribute set last night…when Livin’ On A Prayer played, I was so taken with the spirit of joy and love in the arena.”

In touching on the Bon Jovi founding member’s death, he said, “I did not know [Alec John Such], but I hope that if he had been in that arena with us — he may have enjoyed seeing you all celebrate to their music as much as I did.”

The photo captures Donnie Wahlberg mid-set, eyes closed, simply embracing the energy, love, and power electrifying the entire audience.

“I was so taken with the spirit of joy,” the “Blue Bloods” actor explained, “that I closed my eyes…and gave a few silent words of gratitude…The recent passing of one of the founding members of [Bon Jovi], Alec John Such, made this moment even more profound, for me.”

Donnie Wahlberg fans shared their love for the “Blue Bloods” star as well as Bon Jovi and Alec John Such.

“There is nothing we can add to this beautiful msg except for ‘Thank You Donnie,'” one follower wrote. “We feel the love. We just hope you feel it too.”

Others shared prayers for Bon Jovi’s original bassist, while others thanked the actor for the touching tribute.

Donnie Wahlberg Encourages ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans to ‘Spread Love’

Fear, anger, and hate plague many facets of American society, however, “Blue Bloods'” Donnie Wahlberg is still one of the few preaching love, kindness, and respect. Ahead of his powerful social media tribute on Tuesday, the Danny Reagan actor took to Instagram to share another message of peace and love.

“We cannot solve any of our problems by hating each other,” the actor and musician claimed. Instead, he writes, “We can solve any of our problems by loving each other, by respecting each other, by pointing each other in the right direction and by committing to lift each other up.”

In his caption, he emphasized the way love spreads, claiming, however, that it has to start with the self.

He continued, “In every single aspect of our lives — spread love (without condition) and love will spread.”

In the comments, Donnie Wahlberg’s followers also encouraged other “Blue Bloods” fans to love themselves, stating that love won’t spread without self-love.

“Wise words,” one fan wrote, while another simply said, “Amen.”