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‘Blue Bloods’ EP Explains Feud Between Frank Reagan and DA Kimberly Crawford

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Like many realistic dramas, Blue Bloods regularly draws inspiration from real-life events in the country for its episodes. And because it’s not at all uncommon for a Police Commissioner and District Attorney of a city to butt heads, Blue Bloods Executive Producer Kevin Wade knew he wanted to incorporate a similar storyline in his police procedural.

The fictional Police Commissioner of Blue Bloods, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), is constantly at odds with DA Crawford (Roslyn Ruff). Specifically, they disagree on the treatment of non-violent criminals and other real-life hot button topics.

In an interview with Deadline, Kevin Wade went into detail about the feud between the two fictional pillars of New York City law enforcement. According to Wade, he wanted to bring the shifting perception of law enforcement into the world of Blue Bloods.

“When we gathered to shape up stories and themes for Season 12, we landed on a dynamic for all our characters. [It] went, more or less: We’re cops, and an Assistant District Attorney,” Wade explained. “We are not spokespersons, or pundits, or politicians gauging which way the winds are blowing.”

“We are law enforcement. And what we do has been under attack, sometimes justly, often unfairly, for the last while now. So we can either quit and find another way to make a living, or we can stay and do what we do well. We choose to stay and fight.”

‘Blue Bloods’ EP On the Successful Dynamic Between Frank Reagan and Kimberly Crawford

Season 12 of Blue Bloods was a resounding success, in the minds of both the series’ creators and fans. To Kevin Wade, the story Frank Reagan and Kimberly Crawford told with their feud was a major part of that success.

“Not every story in every episode hewed to that or tried to,” Wade said. “But the overriding dynamic we aimed for was telling stories about a family and extended family of law enforcement professionals choosing to get back to the basic reason they signed up in the first place. To try and get some justice and mercy for people who deserve it. And to arrest and prosecute the people who deserve that.”

The tides may be changing for Blue Bloods Season 13, however. In the shocking Blue Bloods Season 12 finale, Frank Reagan’s daughter, Erin Reagan, announced her candidacy for District Attorney. According to Kevin Wade, this decision was made now because Erin Reagan’s character arc called for it.

“We have played her under four or five DAs, with whom she often clashed over principles as well as over ways and means,” Wade said. “So, for her character, the choice seemed to be: if you think you can do the job, then ask for it. Otherwise, sit back down. Time’s come for her to ask for it by announcing she’s running for the office.”