‘Blue Bloods’: Everything to Know About Season 13 Premiere

by Joe Rutland

With Season 13 kicking off this fall, Blue Bloods has a few interesting things to remember ahead of the Oct. 7 first episode. That will be when we get to see how the one titled Keeping the Faith will be presented to us. Now, that the show has given us a title, then what is it about? Right now, there has been no synopsis or even a whiff shared by the crew. This means that we’ll have to just stay tuned and see what will take place.

One storyline that should get a solid kickoff involves Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan. Finally, Erin is going to run for the district attorney position. She has been an assistant district attorney and performed her duties quite well. Erin even has some help with her in the office thanks to Anthony Abetemarco, played by Steve Schirripa. Will there be some episodes where they work together on cases? Of course.

Season 13 of ‘Blue Bloods’ Will Also Have Joe Hill Return On Show

There are some other things to look out for in the premiere episode. We know that Joe Hill, played by Will Hochman, is going to return. Will he pop up on that first episode? That’s what we believe might happen. The show’s main cast looks solid to return and that does include Tom Selleck, who plays Frank Reagan. Other cast members also include Marisa Ramirez, Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Vanessa Ray, and Len Cariou.

Here’s another person that we have not seen on the show very much lately. What if Sami Gayle would pop up on there? It feels like it’s been forever since Nicky Reagan-Boyle, whom Gayle plays, has been on there. The actress’ character has been away at school for a bit. But it would be a good time to have her return. Why? Erin Reagan is Nicky’s mother. With the increased focus on Erin in this upcoming Season 13, we think it might be time to have them together.

What would it mean to Mom for her daughter to pop up at this time? A whole lot. If she did show up, then it could also set it up even more appearances for Gayle. She’s had memorable moments on the show, and they include taking part in a talent show with Cariou in his role as Henry Reagan. Well, that probably wasn’t much of a stretch for Cariou, who is a legend in the Broadway world. Keep your eyes out on Ramirez’s Maria Baez, who will be tackling motherhood. This will be an interesting storyline as we’ll see how that affects Baez’s work with Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan.