‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are in Agreement on Their Favorite Non-Reagan Character

by Emily Morgan

Fans can’t get enough of the hit CBS series, “Blue Bloods.” Every week, loyal viewers tune in to see what the Reagan family has up their police uniform sleeves. In addition, fans have also come to love non-Reagan family members.  As we know, the first-responder family has closed countless cases and fans agree that it seems to get better with every season.

Although their work on the streets is impressive, they can’t patrol every street in New York City. As a result, they often seek help from others, such as Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez.)

Most fans enjoy seeing Detective Baez, who’s been Danny’s partner since we first met her in Season 3. Throughout the show’s tenure, the pair have become so in tune with one another that they’ve arrested plenty of criminals without a plan. 

Several officers, lawyers, and politicians have also entered the “Blue Bloods” fray. While some are only around for a single episode, sometimes characters have a recurring arc. 

According to fans, out of all the non-Reagans in the show, one of them has left a mark on fans that seems to outshine all the rest. In a Reddit thread, one online user began the debate when they requested that everyone list their favorite non-Reagan character from the popular sitcom. 

They started by writing “Anthony,” played by Steven Schirripa, and plenty of others swiftly agreed with the statement. Of 35 users, 16 put Anthony at the top of their list. 

In addition, Maria Baez and Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) also garnered some shoutouts. Still, it was crystal clear that Anthony’s fondness for cracking jokes made him an instant hit among viewers. 

Schirripa once discussed what he liked about his character during an interview with Talk Nerdy With Us. 

The Reagans set to return this fall for new season of ‘Blue Bloods’

He said, “He’s very loyal and I think that he’s very good at what he does. He’s a very good investigator. And certainly, working with Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) who is the DA and is very smart and comes from a strong family. Anthony comes from a different place.” He added, “He comes from a very blue-collar family. He comes from Brooklyn. They get the job done together but they have two different points-of-view.”

In addition, he’s also played a critical role in the procedural series since Season 6. As fans gear up for Season 13, we’re sure Anthony will make more appearances, to fans’ delight. 

“Blue Bloods” is set to return to CBS this Fall in its regular Friday night timeslot. “The Reagans possess an incredible bond with audiences literally everywhere and on every platform,” said CBS president Kelly Kahl. 

“In its 12th season, “Blue Bloods” not only continues to dominate in the ratings but excels at an exceptionally high creative level. Led by the incomparable Tom Selleck, this amazing cast skillfully brings universal and relatable personal storylines to life week after week, while executive producer Kevin Wade and the skilled writing team craft compelling episodes featuring the show’s trademark mix of family dynamics and police work. We look forward to many more Reagan family dinners next season.”