‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of Bridget Moynahan’s Birthday Tribute to Donnie Wahlberg

by Shelby Scott

Danny Reagan is, by far, one of the most loveable characters on the CBS cop drama, Blue Bloods. And on Wednesday, his actor, Donnie Wahlberg, celebrated his 53rd birthday. Earlier that morning, the Blue Bloods star took to Instagram with a celebratory post showing off his abs and ringing in another year with a grateful heart. Meanwhile, his Blue Bloods costar Bridget Moynahan took to Twitter with her own Happy Birthday wishes and fans can’t get enough. Check it out.

Pictured alongside Donnie Wahlberg amid filming for the 13th season, Moynahan wrote, “Birthday boy is in the house! Happy Birthday [Donnie Wahlberg]!”

Bridget Moynahan and Donnie Wahlberg are both members of the original cast, making their debut as Erin and Danny Reagan respectively in 2010. Since then, their characters have grown immensely, and fans, who love seeing the crime-fighting siblings kick butt onscreen, love seeing their actors together just as much while not filming.

“Happy Birthday [Donnie Wahlberg],” one fan wrote. “Enjoy watching Blue Bloods every week and even the reruns. Keep up the great work!”

A second fan of the long-running TV show added, “Awesome! Happy Birthday! Blue Bloods has the best cast on TV!”

Loads of other fans wished Wahlberg a very happy 53rd birthday, but as always, others simply expressed their excitement for the upcoming all-new season. Be sure to tune in to CBS when Blue Bloods Season 13 premieres on Friday, October 7th at 10 p.m. EST.

Bridget Moynahan Receives Another Fictional Endorsement From ‘Blue Bloods’ Costar Will Estes

When Blue Bloods concluded its 12th season this past spring, writers left us on a cliffhanger with Moynahan’s Erin Reagan sharing her decision to run for District Attorney. As we know, the character will certainly face some major challenges throughout her election, but behind the scenes of Blue Bloods, Bridget Moynahan’s character already has a handful of ringing endorsements.

On Tuesday, Moynahan took to Instagram with a photo of costar Will Estes holding up a bright blue shirt promoting her Blue Bloods character’s upcoming election. The shirt, which you can view in the actress’s post here, reads, “Elect Erin Reagan for Manhattan District Attorney.”

Estes’s apparent endorsement came just weeks after our birthday boy shared an endorsement of his own. About a week ago, Moynahan posted a photo of costars Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez, known for her role as Detective Maria Baez, also holding up an election T-shirt. She captioned the earlier post, “Looks like Erin Reagan has another solid endorsement!”

Both of the photos featured the hashtag, “#erinreagan4da,” and fans have started utilizing the tag themselves. Fans, completely supportive of the Blue Bloods character’s decision to run, commented, “[Love] this! Go #erinreagan4da!!”