‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Can’t Stand This ‘Irritating and Disgusting’ Character

by Megan Molseed

Blue Bloods fans are some of the most dedicated out there. The popular CBS police procedural TV drama series centers around one family, the Reagan’s, most of whom serve as key members within the New York City legal system. However, surrounding the Reagans are a variety of other characters playing important roles in the procedural drama’s storylines.

Some of these characters have become fan favorites over the show’s successful 12 seasons. Other characters, however, have just rubbed fans the wrong way, including Lorraine Bracco’s character, Margaret Dutton.

Recently, fans of the popular CBS series took to Reddit to discuss Bracco’s Blue Bloods character. Some of the fans even going as far as to say that she is among one the most disliked character to make an appearance in the series in the Reddit thread.

Lorraine Bracco’s Blue Bloods Character Rubbed Fans The Wrong Way During Her Brief Stint In The Series

During the eighth season of the popular CBS crime-drama series, Lorraine Bracco stepped into the Blue Bloods world portraying interim New York City mayor Margaret Dutton. From her first appearance until her last, Bracco’s Dutton was regularly butting heads with the Reagan family patriarch and New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck).

“The character of Margaret Dutton is so bad,” one Redditor says of the character in a recent Blue Bloods thread. This fan notes that Bracco’s character is often “creating unnecessary problems by talking about everything she doesn’t know.”

The Redditor continues on, noting that the character is known to “step on the NYPD’s toes before they can figure out what actually happened.”

The Redditor doubles down on this assessment calling Bracco’s Dutton “irritating” and “disgusting.”

“I just mute when she starts talking,” the commenter says.

Fans Discuss Lorraine Bracco’s Character – And What It Is That Makes Them So Unsettled

One commenter notes that it’s not the actress they dislike in the series. It’s the character specifically, the Redditor says. In fact, the Blue Bloods fan says, they’ve enjoyed Bracco in another wildly popular drama series.

“I liked her in the [Sopranos] but I can not stand her character in this show,” the Redditor points out.

“I thought that she represented those people who have power but don’t know how to use it,” another Redditor says.

“She always put her foot in her mouth when talking to the press,” the fan adds. “People like her want to make a change but don’t have all the facts first.”

“I think it’s the writing more than the character per se,” another fan adds.

“This show is one that adopts the lens (and thus sides with/adopts) the perspective of law enforcement,” the comment continues. “And the show really hasn’t done a good job at creating strong characters who can legitimately engage with that perspective who aren’t in law enforcement.”