‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Catch Gaffe With Frank Reagan’s Wardrobe

by Caitlin Berard

The beloved crime drama Blue Bloods is about to enter its 13th season and has more than 250 episodes in its ever-growing catalog. And while fans would likely say that each and every one of those episodes is worth a re-watch, none are more iconic than the pilot.

There’s something about the episode opening with Frank Sinatra’s rendition of “New York, New York” while scenes of the city flash by and the Reagan family prepares for Jamie’s induction into the NYPD that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the series.

Though each member of the family is introduced, special attention is paid to Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), police commissioner and Reagan family patriarch. As he dons his uniform, he reaches for a particularly eye-catching ring on his dresser.

In this sequence, the ring clearly holds a large blue gem. As one fan pointed out in a Movie Mistakes thread, however, it miraculously changes color in later episodes.

“In the very first episode Frank Reagan is getting dressed to go to Jamie’s graduation ceremony,” they wrote. “He slips on his watch and then takes a ring with a blue stone and puts it on. It is definitely and obviously a large blue stone.”

“Then in [Season 3, Episode 7], near the end, when Frank is sitting at the bar talking to Garrett, [he] lifts his drink in his right hand,” they continued. “Garrett says ‘Thank you, Frank,’ [and] that ring has a very definite and obviously large red stone.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Explains Frank Reagan’s Signature Ring

It may not always be the same ring (or maybe Tom Selleck simply forgot to bring his blue ring to work that day). However, the meaning behind Frank Reagan’s ring has been the same from the very beginning of the series.

For Tom Selleck, rituals are important to connect with any given character, and dressing to fit the role is a huge part of that. “I had a lot of [rituals] when I started doing the character, now when I dress it helps,” Selleck once said, according to Hollywood.com. “And I’m superstitious. I bought a real Marine Corps ring because [Frank Reagan is] a marine.”

“Before the show started, I thought, ‘I’m going to take a risk and maybe it’ll make the show work,'” he continued. “And I bought a watch…I popped for a used Rolex watch and had it engraved, but I wanted it to be like a real thing.”

What does the engraving say, you ask? Well, it’s a gift from Frank Reagan’s children to celebrate his new title of police commissioner, of course. “For our pop Francis Reagan,” the watch reads. “Congratulations chief, Danny, Erin, and Jamie.”