‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Debate Which Character They Would Recast

by Joe Rutland

Leave it to Blue Bloods fans to start up some stuff about which character on the CBS police drama they’d love to recast. Is it not good enough that Tom Selleck plays NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan? What about Bridget Moynahan and Donnie Wahlberg? Apparently, there is enough room to get involved in a debating game. They are turning their attention to the actress who plays Nicky Reagan-Boyle.

Avid Viewers of ‘Blue Bloods’ Are Ready To See Nicky Reagan-Boyle Get New Actress

A thread on Reddit gets us started as the original poster lays out some thoughts. “If I could recast any character on the show it would be nicki [spl] because I honestly really like her character,” the Redditor writes. “But the actress Sami Gayle just isn’t that good and makes me resent the character. I would probably choose Kaylee Bryant to recast her.” Another fan chimes in with this poster’s thoughts. “Agreed. Her voice is SO annoying. I can’t watch episodes with her anymore.”

But there is some disagreement for this Redditor. “Samantha Gayle is perfect, nobody can do a better job than her,” the person writes. “No one, they are all perfect just the way they are”. OK, well here comes this fan with a hot opinion. “You have to be the only person I’ve ever heard that likes Nikki lol.” The original poster replies, “Yea lol I like the way her character is written but hate the actress so it kinda ruins it for me.”

Sami Gayle Remembers Her Favorite Episode With Len Cariou

Since these are Blue Bloods fans, they should know that Gayle is not really with the show anymore. The actress does stay busy posting pictures on her Instagram account. Recently, she posted a pic of her catching some sunny rays. Yet Nicky has not been seen for a bit. One of Gayle’s most memorable appearances and her favorite episode happens to be with Len Cariou. In an episode, Cariou, an established Broadway star, sings a song from the musical Annie with Gayle.

“Pop (Cariou’s character, Henry Reagan) and I got to participate, we got to participate together in a talent show where we sang I Don’t Need Anything But You,'” Gayle said. “And Len Cariou, who plays Pop, is just one of the most talented, well-known, renowned Broadway actors.” She shares that she started her career on Broadway. Gayle felt it was truly special to be able to sing with Cariou on the TV show. In an interview with CBS, Gayle talked about why the show is the greatest gift. “I came in on the fourth episode and it has been the greatest gift in the world to be blessed with so much success,” she said.