‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Demand Return of Popular Guest Star

by Tia Bailey

Popular drama showBlue Bloods” is in between seasons right now. The break has fans thinking about the show, and reminiscing on old characters. A reddit post about one star had fans agreeing that the show should bring him back.

On July 30, a redditor posted to r/BlueBloods “Anyone else misses Sergeant Renzulli”. The post read: “I know his story arc served its purpose. But I really liked him and his dynamic with Jaime. I really wished they would brought him back as a Captain of the precinct or something.”

Other fans responded in agreement. One redditor wrote: “I wish he’d guest star again. I always headcanoned that he probably retired after that last guest appearance in S6 where his old buddy got killed. I think it’d be interesting if Jamie and Eddie were working a case and realized it ties into one of Renzulli’s old cases and go to him at his house for advice and insight.”

Sergeant Anthony “Tony” Renzulli (Nicholas Turturro) was a cast member in seasons 1-3 and a guest star in seasons 4-6. His character paid close attention to details, and was respected.

Other fans miss the character as well. One Twitter user tweeted: “Watching Blue Bloods reruns. I miss Nicholas Turturro aka Sgt. Renzulli.”

“Blue Bloods” is going on to season 13, and the last season Renzulli appeared it was season 6, so it seems unlikely that the character will be back, but you never know.

“Blue Bloods” Fans Want Old Character Back

Another redditor pointed out that Turturro is pretty busy, saying: “Nicholas Turturro keeps a pretty active schedule. I don’t know that he would be available. I like the character also.”

Although it is unlikely that the character will be back, fans are still excited and gearing up for season 13 of “Blue Bloods.” Season 12 ended on Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) announcing that she will be running for District Attorney.

The season has begun filming, and Moynahan has even shared behind-the-scenes photos and videos to get fans through the waiting process. The official “Blue Bloods” Twitter account quote-tweeted a video she shared, saying: Who else is ready for season 13 of #BlueBloods?”

Many fans took to the comments to let them know how excited they are for the new season.

Moynahan also shared a photo this morning of a t-shirt that says “Elect Erin Reagan for Manhattan District Attorney.” She captioned the photo: “Do I have your vote? @BlueBloods_CBS #ericreagan4da.”

Fans reacted, saying that she does have their vote. Others reminded fellow fans in the replies that to hold them over until the new season, they can watch reruns on Peacock.

Season 13 of “Blue Bloods” premieres on October 7 on CBS.