‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Feel Strong ‘Disappointment’ in the ‘Undertones’ of This Season 12 Episode

by Caitlin Berard

All entertainment, from books to movies to TV shows, draws inspiration from real life. As Hemingway once said, the best creations are a combination of reality and imagination. The difference comes in the type of entertainment you’re enjoying.

An episode of a sitcom like Seinfeld, for example, might remind you of a funny incident with a friend, while the stories on a police procedural such as Law & Order or Blue Bloods are often reminders of much darker real-world events.

And while this isn’t necessarily a positive (no one enjoys thinking about the worst humanity has to offer), most viewers can set reality aside and find entertainment in spending time with their favorite characters. Some, however, find the “ripped from the headlines” approach too distressing to watch.

In a recent Reddit thread, one fan discussed their disappointment in the Season 12 premiere. “I enjoy this show,” they wrote. “But I’m kinda disappointed with the racial undertones of the latest episode.” They then list two examples of upsetting events in the episode before reiterating their displeasure.

Finding a particular show or theme distressing is perfectly reasonable. The problem, however, is the fan believes Blue Bloods “unintentionally” mirrored real life when, in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Pieces of reality are deliberately injected into each episode.

Other fans were quick to point out that the series reflects reality purposefully, but the thread’s creator was unmoved. They found the content of Blue Bloods so upsetting that they added they were considering dropping the show altogether.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Prioritizes Characters Over Storylines

Stories are important, and Blue Bloods certainly has some excellent ones. However, Tom Selleck, the actor behind NYC Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, believes there’s something even more important than an interesting story – great characters.

In an interview with Rachel Ray, Tom Selleck revealed what keeps both him and millions of fans interested in Blue Bloods after 12 years. “Great actors and great characters and good writing,” he explained. “That’s why it’s still on.”

He went on to add that, for him, characters are crucial. In fact, he only agrees to projects with the best characters. “What has always worked for me — or what my appetites are, they go towards character-driven shows,” he said. “So Magnum [P.I.] was character-driven. I don’t remember half the plots, or even…way less than half.”

Though Blue Bloods is one of many police procedurals on air, it stands apart with its blend of action and Reagan family drama. Tom Selleck believes the characters of Blue Bloods stand out as well. “When I saw [the Blue Bloods] script, it was character-driven in an age where there [are] just so many procedurals on,” he continued. “I’m sure not bored with it.”