‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Have Seriously Strong Feelings About Erin Reagan Taking on Major New Role Next Season

by Megan Molseed

The popular CBS TV police procedural drama series Blue Bloods will be returning to the airwaves this fall for a 13th season. And, this season is set to bring some big changes for some of our favorite characters. Including Bridget Moynahan’s Erin Reagan.

The popular drama series prepares to return to the airwaves in just a few months. And with this return, fans are expecting to see Erin Reagan tackle one of her biggest challenges yet…running for District Attorney. A big move that will open an entirely new world for the character. However, while fans are expecting this big move, some are not thrilled with the storyline.

Blue Bloods Fans React To Erin Reagan’s Taking On A Brand New Role In Season 13

During a recent Reddit discussion about Erin Reagan’s upcoming storyline, some fans expressed their thoughts about Moynahan’s character taking on this major new role. It may be a big move for the character, however, fans are not pleased with the changes this would bring.

Initially, one Reddit fan notes that if the series is to continue with the storyline, putting Erin Reagan in line for the District Attorney position, the Blue Bloods showrunners should make sure to keep up with a real-life election process. Starting with Erin Reagan’s campaign, leading up to a November election.

“Elections are usually held in November,” the Blue Bloods fan writes in the recent Reddit thread.

“So start the season with the campaign,” the commenter adds. “And then have it about 6-8 episodes in.”

But, some fans don’t even want this upcoming Blue Bloods storyline to go this far. One Reddit user notes that they can’t understand why this storyline is even coming up in the series, to begin with.

“I have no idea and perplexed why anyone and I mean anyone would want to see Erin as DA,” the Blue Bloods fan says in the thread.

“Same,” another Redditor agrees. “It would make the power of this family way too much.”

One Redditor comments on the recent Reddit thread noting that they would like to see things come full circle for Erin if she were to become DA. With the character experiencing for herself some of the stubbornness she has shown as the current ADA.

“I hope she doesn’t make it because of how they wrote this character from day 1,” the Blue Bloods fan says.

“But an interesting storyline would be if she ever does get it they have ada’s stick it to her as she has done throughout the series,” the Redditor says.

“Ignore her and do what they want,” the commenter continues. “That I would like.”

Another Blue Bloods fan goes back to the power this would add to the already connected Reagan family. Each member of the family holds a position within law enforcement. Including the family’s patriarch, Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan who currently serves as the New York City Police Commissioner.

“I think it would make for interesting storylines,” the Redditor says.

“It’s like Frank said,” the comment continues. “it’s a dynasty now.”