‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are Irritated By One Frank Reagan Quirk

by Caitlin Berard

From the very beginning of Blue Bloods back in 2010, fans latched onto the Reagan family patriarch and host of the beloved weekly dinners, Frank Reagan. The fatherly police commissioner, played by Tom Selleck, was an instant favorite among Blue Bloods viewers and continues to be adored by fans to this day, 12 years and 254 episodes later.

Through the years of watching Frank Reagan dispense advice to his children and lead the NYPD with a fearless and no-nonsense approach, fans have picked up the commissioner’s many quirks and idiosyncrasies. Many of these habits are endearing to fans and simply make them love Frank more. One, however, seems to get under their skin rather than warm their hearts.

In a Reddit thread entitled, “Sigh…Lol,” fans discussed Frank Reagan’s constant heavy exhalations. “Anyone watch with subtitles… They sigh a lot,” the thread’s creator wrote. “Especially Frank,” another added. “I can hear it in my head,” a third agreed.

Some fans lovingly tease the patriarch for his frequent sighing. “I’ve said we should turn Frank’s sighs into a drinking game,” one fan wrote jokingly. “But we’d probably be dead at the end of one episode.”

Others, however, wish the series would dial it back. “Frank does it a lot,” an irritated fan said. “My old man does it too. Major pet peeve, wish they would scale it back on the show.”

In a separate thread discussing Frank’s mannerisms, one fan went as far as to say that the majority of Tom Selleck’s acting seems to be sighing. “As much as I enjoy Blue Bloods, it seems to me that Tom Selleck’s main acting choice these days is a heavy sigh… Kind of pulls me out of the scenes he’s in, because it is SO predictable!”

Tom Selleck Explains the Lasting Success of ‘Blue Bloods’

In a recent interview with Rachael Ray, Tom Selleck explained the reason Blue Bloods continues to be massively popular after a decade on the air. And no, it has nothing to do with sighing! “Great actors and great characters and good writing – that’s why it’s still on,” Selleck said.

The Magnum P.I. star also outlined why he decided to join the now long-running police procedural in the first place. “What has always worked for me – or what my appetites are, they go towards character-driven shows,” Selleck explained. “So Magnum was character-driven. I don’t remember half the plots…way less than half. And when I saw this script, it was character-driven in an age where there [are] just so many procedurals on… I’m sure not bored with it.”

As character switches are common on police procedurals, especially those as long-running as Blue Bloods, fans often worry that their favorite characters will unexpectedly make their departure. Tom Selleck, however, doesn’t see an end in sight for Frank Reagan and Blue Bloods.

“I love what I do and I want to keep doing it,” he explained in an interview with Kelly Clarkson. “And so far, so good. Twelve years! It is crazy.”