‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Notice Curious Detail About One Character

by Joe Rutland

Have you ever watched a show like Blue Bloods and wondered if you’d missed a clue about a character on there? It might have happened with this show or another one that you love to watch. Well, when it comes to one specific recurring character on the CBS police drama, some fans are asking questions. Which one is this confusing situation being asked about right now? It revolves around Archbishop Kevin Kearns, played by the magnificent Stacy Keach. We take a closer look at what fans are curious about through a thread on Reddit.

“Watching a s6 [Season 6] episode and the archbishop is different from some of the other episodes,” a Redditor wrote. “When did they change him?” Another fan asked, “Which episode is it? AFAIK, the role has been played by Stacy Keach.” The original poster replied, “It’s actually season 5, but it’s episode 3 and 4.”

Now, we all get some clarification from another fan of Blue Bloods. Apparently, there are a number of different archbishops within the confines of New York City. This is done due to the city’s size and population, this fan wrote. They all serve in the Archdiocese of New York.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Debate Appearances of Archbishop Kearns

That is led by a Cardinal and this fan believed we have not seen one in the Blue Bloods world as of yet. We also are reminded that multiple people within New York City carry with them the Archbishop title. Meanwhile, we’re also reminded that people might be confusing Archbishop Kearns with Monsignor Doonan. Doonan is a close friend of NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck. We are reminded that Doonan will show up now and then but made a number of appearances during the show’s early seasons.

Another Redditor offers additional clarification by stating there is only one archbishop in New York City. He’s usually a Cardinal while there are numerous bishops in the mix, too. Yet another close-watching, eagle-eyed Blue Bloods fan tells us that Kearns became Archbishop of New York between Season 5 and Season 7 episodes. Kearns has not reached Cardinal status as of yet. we also don’t know what happened to Cardinal Brennan, who was the previous archbishop.

“By definition, an archdiocese has one, and only one, archbishop (excluding emeriri and designates), although he has several bishops working for him,” the fan continued. Want more Kearns history? This fan wrote, “Kevin Kearns’ first appearance was in the season 7 episode ‘confessions’. There have been multiple other bishops and priests that Frank has interacted with through the series. But Kevin Kearns has probably had more appearances than all the rest.” Watch for more appearances from Archbishop Kearns this coming season on Blue Bloods on CBS.