‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Point Out Major Continuity Error for Erin Reagan

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to watching Blue Bloods, the show’s fans are definitely looking for any possible miscues among characters. Well, one such fan noticed a rather big-time continuity error. The situation revolves around Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan. Of course, it’s not nice to ask a lady’s age but this is what is being looked at here. Where do we go for this font of information? None other than a thread on Reddit.

This fan says, “In S3 E17, Frank meets Erin’s friend who tell [spl tells] him they met before in Erin’s 40th birthday party.
But in S6 E7, Erin actually celebrate [spl celebrates] her 40th.” Man, that’s a rather interesting factoid to raise about Erin Reagan. Did you know that this error happened, too? Some other fans were responding to the initial poster’s words.

Blue Bloods Fan Points Toward Politeness of Age Question

One person writes, “It’s not polite to question a lady’s age.” See, we knew this would probably come up in the conversation. A Redditor replies to this comment, “Beat me to it!” Then, the humor machine kicks into high gear. This fan states, “A lot of women have their fortieth birthday for fifteen years straight”. And the original poster comes on by and writes, “Never thought about that, but it is canon now.” One more for the road? Why not? This Redditor said, “Age is just a wrinkle.”

Sure, it’s just a wrinkle but those who follow storylines really closely are stepping up to the plate. Blue Bloods will be pretty Erin-focused throughout this new season. She is looking to get the heck out of her current role as Assistant District Attorney and become the Manhattan District Attorney.

Election season is here and Erin will be running for a new job. What does this mean for the Moynahan character? A lot of work. Expect her to still handle her current duties with some help and support from Anthony Abetemarco, played by Steve Schirripa. Of course, she’s going to be talking about the election when going over to the Reagan family’s house for dinner.

You don’t think the family might have a thought or two to help her out, do you? Heck, they will be overflowing with ideas and suggestions. Will she take any of them to heart? We don’t know. But we do think it would be a good idea to have Nicky Reagan-Boyle come on back. She’s played by Sami Gayle and has been MIA somewhat from the show recently. With her mom in the midst of a big election, then her support would be most welcome. Catch a new season of Blue Bloods starting this fall on CBS on Friday nights.