‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Point Out Major Error in Erin & Miranda Scene

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the popular CBS police procedural TV drama series, Blue Bloods point out one major flaw in one of the show’s seventh-season episodes.

It was a case of real-life slipping into our favorite crime drama series, it seems. Recently, some Blue Bloods note a surprising element in a season seven episode. This element? A piece of crew equipment during one important seventh-season scene, per Express. In this episode titled Guilt By Association, Blue Bloods police detective, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) approaches his sister Erin (Bridget Moynahan) for help on a case.

Danny’s key witness has been murdered, and his DA sister is tasked with talking to another witness, Miranda, whose testimony could be disastrous for Danny’s case. When Erin interviews Miranda, she learns the witness believes she saw who killed the victim. However, the testimony is questionable since the identification rests solely on the victim recognizing an unlisted weapon. This leads to another, more involved interview…a scene that leads to a major error in the series, some Blue Bloods fans say.

Blue Bloods Fans Point Out One Major Seventh Season Mistake

The popular generationally-focused law enforcement series focuses on the stories surrounding one New York City law enforcement family. Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan who serves as the New York City Police Commissioner heads the Blue Bloods family. The series also follows Frank’s children Danny, Erin, and Jamie (Will Estes). Each of whom works within the same NYC law enforcement system.

And, sometimes the Reagan family joins forces in an effort to solve some major crimes. This is exactly what was happening in the seventh season installment episode. In this episode, Blue Bloods fans noticed the glaring mistake. This comes as some of the show’s film equipment could be seen on the floor during an investigation.

As the investigation into Danny’s case continues, Erin Reagan returns to Miranda for another interview. However, the scene is interrupted by a majorly distracting element. Fans were quickly noting that there is a piece of crew equipment resting next to the foot of Steve Schirripa’s character Anthony Abetemarco.

“At the start, when Erin is interviewing Miranda they take a break,” one fan points out.

“Just as Miranda says she’s starving and stands up,” the Blue Bloods viewer recounts. “The red T-mark is visible on the floor in front of Anthony’s feet.”

Tom Selleck’s Color-Changing Ring

Sure, Blue Bloods is one of the most popular and well-received dramas on TV. However, even the best can make mistakes from time to time. And, recently a fan of the popular Tom Selleck-led series pointed out a wardrobe mistake on a recent Movie Mistakes thread.

“In the very first episode Frank Reagan is getting dressed to go to Jamie’s graduation ceremony,” the Blue Bloods fan writes.

“He slips on his watch and then takes a ring with a blue stone and puts it on,” the fan continues. “It is definitely and obviously a large blue stone.”

Then, the Blue Bloods watcher continues, this memorable ring suddenly changes. In another episode, Selleck’s Frank Reagan is seen raising his drink with his right hand. Although the fan says, the ring has a very definite and obviously large red stone.”