‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Question Danny’s Similarities to the Rest of the Reagan Family

by Joe Rutland

For eagled-eye fans of Blue Bloods, Danny Reagan does have some interesting qualities as the character played by Donnie Wahlberg. Compared to other Reagan family members, though, what would his similarities be to them? Fans are offering their thoughts on this very topic. There are those who have pointed out that his accent is a bit different.

We should note that Wahlberg is a native of Boston and that unique accent might come through when he’s trying to be a New Yorker. Others look at Danny and his connection to his grandfather Henry Reagan, who is a former New York Police Department commissioner himself. Longtime Broadway star Len Cariou plays Henry in the CBS police drama. Well, these fans are talking about Danny in a thread on Reddit.

“He has an accent like no one else in his family,” this Redditor writes. “I know my siblings and I are very different but we all have the same accent. … I agree with so (many) other posts that he is more like Henry but I can’t imagine Henry acting like that and becoming PC even many years ago. There is/was diplomacy required and that is not Danny’s strong point.” In case you don’t keep up with Blue Bloods, then Danny is known to have a bit of a hot temper at times. It was more prevalent in the show’s earlier seasons. But that has kind of calmed down a little bit as the show has rolled on in its Friday night timeslot.

Attitude Of ‘Blue Bloods’ Character Comes Into Play

This fan writes, “Danny has also calmed down some over the years, but his attitude makes for a good mix of personalities for the show that shows the different types of people that are drawn to the job, even within one family.” It does help to have a lot of different types of personalities. Look at when Danny goes up to visit his sister Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan. There’s a connection between them both, of course. Erin has a bit of a calm demeanor to her. Of course, that’s compared to Danny.

Here’s another viewpoint from this Redditor. “Yeah I think Danny and Henry are a lot alike,” the person writes. “You know there’s things Henry’s done and things Danny would like to do that would not fly in today’s world.” This person also points out that Jamie Reagan, played by Will Estes, and Joe Reagan are and were the boy scouts in the family. Not in the storyline but because of their demeanors. Also, this person makes a wise observation that Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, and Erin are somewhere right in the middle.