‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Have Serious Concerns About Series’ Quality in Recent Seasons

by Shelby Scott

Blue Bloods aired its first season in September 2010 and since then, the CBS drama has built an accomplished cast tasked with portraying a multitude of characters. However, as the series heads into its 13th season this fall, fans of the show have begun to wonder whether its quality has started to suffer.

In a recent Reddit post, one Blue Bloods fan wrote, “There have been instances of technical glitches that make the show kind of a mess. Most recently, with the episode of the mom who ran away with her daughter after the father stole her mail, while Danny is walking with the boss into her office, there’s a voice line that’s added in but her mouth is not moving, in fact she’s smiling.”

The original poster named another technical glitch which was “when Danny’s wife was trying to save the model who died, but her eyes were moving and blinking.”

Several fans not only noted the technical glitches, however, they also argued some of the show’s storylines have become repetitive in recent years.

“The stuff with Joe has been pretty exciting,” one fan said, “but yeah most episodes seem to be: ‘Frank, stop being old or retire. Policing is different now.’ ‘You just used a double negative, Anthony! Stop being dumb in my presence’…’Eddie, I’m a sergeant here. I gotta run the place how I see fit,'” and so on.

As to the technical difficulties, another Blue Bloods fan reasoned, “I would chalk the ‘glitches’ up to the difficulties of filming during COVID. They probably had limited time with certain actors and had to make due with whatever footage they had.”

With season 13 of Blue Bloods on the horizon, it will be interesting to see just how true that statement really is.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Claim Danny Reagan Has ‘Annoying’ Anger Issues

We all know that every good protagonist has a major character flaw, and for Donnie Wahlberg‘s Danny Reagan, that is his anger issues. Or at least it is according to Blue Bloods fans.

In a previous Reddit post, one fan wrote, “Danny’s anger issues are quite annoying. He doesn’t get ANY consequences for behaving the way he does and it’s happening more and more frequently.”

Looking for insight from other Blue Bloods fans, they further asked, “So does the show ever acknowledge it? Does he get consequences? Does he change? Will he go to therapy and find better ways to cope with his anger?”

Fortunately, the Reddit-verse came in with some background. And, as many Blue Bloods fans already know, Danny Reagan’s demeanor gradually changes over the seasons.

“I strongly disliked Danny at the beginning of the show,” a helpful Redditor contributed to the discussion, “but I enjoy his character more now. I don’t want to spoil anything specific but he does improve.”

Regardless of what Blue Bloods fans think of Danny Reagan, his actor Donnie Wahlberg is extremely loveable. Currently, he’s traveling with his band, New Kids On the Block, as a part of the MixTapeTour.