‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Share Their Brutal Thoughts on Lorraine Bracco’s Margaret Dutton

by Shelby Scott

Twelve complete seasons of Blue Bloods have proven that fans are not shy when it comes to sharing their favorite and least favorite characters. However, as we await the season 13 premiere of the CBS cop drama, which debuts next month, fans have ripped actress Lorraine Bracco’s character Margaret Dutton.

According to Looper, Bracco’s Margaret Dutton made a total of five appearances on Blue Bloods before fan responses brought her reign to a halt. Per the outlet, Margaret Dutton served as one of the fictional series’ mayors and, as fans know, New York City’s mayors often butt heads with Police Commissioner Frank Reagan. The outlet further reminds us that during her first appearance in the series, Bracco’s character threatened to fire Frank from his long-held position. Fortunately, she was unable to do so. Still, it left a sour taste in fans’ mouths and they had few positive things to say about her.

Taking to Reddit, one fan began venting about everything they don’t like about the since-departed Blue Bloods character.

“Creating unnecessary problems by talking about everything she doesn’t know. Always step[ping] on the NYPD’s toes before they can figure out what actually happened.”

In response to the frustrated Blue Bloods fan, another suggested Bracco’s character was intended to portray individuals who have power but don’t know how to properly put it to good use. Others simply attributed the Dutton character and her exit to bad writing and a “missed opportunity.”

Will Erin Reagan Become District Attorney When ‘Blue Bloods’ Returns?

When season 12 of Blue Bloods concluded, one of the biggest open-ended storylines surrounded longtime cast member Bridget Moynahan‘s character Erin Reagan. Throughout much of the season, we watched her battle herself as she eventually made the decision to run for District Attorney. Ahead of season 13, does one of the actress’s posts tease that her character will, in fact, become voted into the position? Check it out.

Holding up a bright blue shirt that reads, “Elect Erin Reagan for Manhattan District Attorney,” the Blue Bloods star captioned her post, “Do I have your vote?”

The post saw overwhelmingly positive responses from fans, however, also taking to the comments was Detective Abigail Baker actress Abigail Hawk.

“Detective Baker approves!” Moynahan’s costar said. Meanwhile, fans commented, “Definitely,” “Yes,” and “All day, every day!” A larger portion of Moynahan’s followers, however, were interested to know where they could obtain one of her shirts for themselves.

And to be honest with you, they’re definitely available for purchase somewhere, because some weeks ago, Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Danny Reagan in the CBS cop drama, ran into a fan who happened to be wearing that exact same shirt. Sharing a photo of the Blue Bloods fan on Instagram, Moynahan quipped, “Looks like I have a campaign manager.”