‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Share Idea to Change Dinner Scenes

by Leanne Stahulak

Any “Blue Bloods” fan knows that the Reagan family dinner scenes are an integral moment that makes it into every single episode.

But one Reddit user proposed the idea that the “Blue Bloods” writers could make an entire episode out of a family dinner scene. Other TV shows do offbeat episodes like that, where the plot revolves around one location with people coming and going. Or a specific time where everything happens to different characters.

The original poster wrote, “I think they should do an entire episode that’s just around the dinner table. Different things can happen, people could come and go, but I’d like to see a whole episode like that.”

So, how would an episode like this work? One fan took to the comments of the post to naysay the idea. But they ended up stumbling on a brilliant plot point.

“What makes this series great is that we see different characters in their roles as cops. A whole episode on a family dinner would be quite boring unless they have a hostage situation where a bad guy breaks into the house and holds the family hostage during Sunday dinner,” the Reddit user commented. Then they added, “Damn, I just wrote the plot to an episode.”

The concept actually makes sense and could be a super tense, psychological moment for the Reagans. Between Henry, Frank, Danny, and Jamie, they’ve put a lot of criminals behind bars. One of these criminals could break out and ambush the family at Sunday dinner. It will take lots of different components from each family member to get themselves out of the situation. Or some outside help from Maria Baez and Anthony Abetmarco.

Here’s How Else ‘Blue Bloods’ Could Do an Entire Family Dinner Episode

Once the idea was out there for a “Blue Bloods” episode only at the dinner table, Looper added on a few more ways we could see the episode play out.

One fascinating (and devastating) thought was that the Reagans could gather around the table after a main character dies. Up until this point, no key cast members have been killed off on “Blue Bloods,” so it’s only a matter of time before one of the Reagans bites the dust. Perhaps the rest of the family spends the episode remembering that person and sharing flashbacks around the dinner table in their honor.

Or, on a slightly more upbeat note, maybe a family dinner episode shows a momentous change in the family. Like Frank finally retiring as Police Commissioner. Then, the family could go around the dinner table and share key moments and memories from Franks’ years with the force. It’ll still be emotional, but not quite as morbid as one of the main characters dying.