‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Sound Off on Season 13 Premiere

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images)

Blue Bloods kicked off its 13th season, and fans took to social media to voice a myriad of opinions about their beloved show’s return. The season began with some heavy material. The episode put a Reagan in the hospital early on. Two of his relatives are on a mission to bring the guilty party to justice. Some fans were up in arms about the drama, while others found it a welcome return.

The Twitter account for Blue Bloods got things started with a fun GIF featuring star Tom Selleck.

The GIF sports a grinning Selleck. The caption with the GIF encouraged fans to retweet if they were enjoying the season 13 premiere. Of course, hundreds of diehard Blue Blood fans obliged.

One fan was already getting tired of the DA campaign plotline. “Feels like Erin has been running for DA for like 5 years…,” they wrote. Another fan didn’t like anything about the season 13 opener. “Are all the long-running TV shows trying to make people stop watching? Add #BlueBloods to the list after tonight. Have to stop recording it, too. Tired of Jamie and Janko being allowed to work together. Tired of fake drama like Jamie’s miraculous survival. It’s just too stupid.”

A Blue Bloods star got in on the Twitter action

However, most of the fan reactions were positive. Long-time watchers were happy to be at the dinner table with the Reagan’s again. “It’s always a pleasure to watch Blue Bloods,” one fan wrote. “Loved the S13 Premiere. It had me at the edge of my seat. Looking forward to watching next week’s episode.”

Even star Donnie Wahlberg got in on the social media action. He took to Twitter to point out the first scene he filmed for season 13.

Wahlberg posted a clip of an intense scene from the new episode of Blue Bloods. It looks like the actor recorded the footage from his own tv. His caption points out his extreme work ethic. “I literally walked off my tour bus, from MixTape Tour, and into this scene for the first day of shooting season 13 of #BlueBloods #teamnosleep.”

Of course, New Kids on the Block and Blue Bloods fans alike flooded Wahlberg with praise. One long-time fan tweeted their thanks to Wahlberg. “You did so much for us block heads no matter how exhausted you were.” they wrote. “Thank you so very much for the continued love you have for us.” Another fan was impressed with Donnie’s hustle. “You are awesome. You are one of the hardest working men in show biz.” Dozens of other fans showed their appreciation to the actor and musician. Remarkably, Wahlberg took the time to respond to many of the fan tweets.