‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Sound Off on Whether the Show Gets Better With Each Season

by Shelby Scott

Blue Bloods kicks off its 13th season this fall, and after more than a decade of airing on CBS, it remains one of the network’s most popular dramas. So, does that mean the show has gotten better with every season? Or does it simply mean the cast, which features Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg, has an exceedingly dedicated fanbase?

Over on Reddit, one of the best social platforms for discussion, Blue Bloods fans sounded off on their thoughts regarding the police drama’s growth and status. Kicking off the conversation, one user, u/desperatepers0n, began, “Does the show get better?”

They continued, “Right now, I’m on season 1 episode 5 and I don’t know if I should keep watching. Does the plot get better? Are more characters introduced in later seasons that I should stick around for?”

Fortunately for this new Blue Bloods viewer, veteran fans had plenty of input. And many seemed to assure the conflicted fan that the show does get better as it ages.

“I love this show. It gets much better around season 4,” one fan assured the OP. Another commented, “I used to watch it here and there, but I just started it from the beginning. It’s amazing. And yes, it gets better.”

Another helpful Blue Bloods fan explained, “The first 2 seasons have a season long plot. Then, producers changed course, and the episodes became case of the week. I was dreading that change but grew to love it. I’m still watching all these years later.”

All in all, then, it’s the general consensus that Blue Bloods does improve as viewers get into the later seasons.

One ‘FBI’ Recurring Cast Member Played Multiple ‘Blue Bloods’ Minor Roles

Having a minor role in a popular series can, on occasion, play to your benefit. Just ask former FBI star Derek Hedland. According to Looper, Hedlund first appeared in FBI, one of three Dick Wolf-produced franchises, in 2018 during its pilot season. As per the outlet, he starred as Special Agent JT, making multiple appearances throughout the drama’s first and second season. Eventually, he was written off, though that hardly means he hasn’t found work since; quite the opposite in fact.

After starring in FBI, Hedlund moved to CBS’s hit cop drama Blue Bloods, where he took on multiple minor roles, allowing him the opportunity to further engrain himself in the series’ cast.

The former FBI star first featured in Blue Bloods in 2017, playing a photographer in the episode, “Ghosts of the Past.” Blue Bloods fans later saw Hedlund feature as an unnamed uniformed cop in both 2019 and 2020 during the episodes, “Two-Faced” and “In the Name of the Father.”

In 2021, Derek Hedlund finally scored a named role on Blue Bloods, playing the character Mason Cook. He would later appear in another episode that same year, this time acting as a “stunt person.”

Perhaps we’ll see more of Derek Hedlund when the 13th season of Blue Bloods premieres this fall.